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    How to Make a Mini Foosball Table

    Having an indoor game is very fun and keeps people engaged. It is also useful for the children; friends get together as well as a family member to have good interaction and keep the spirits high with positive game energy.

    Making a foosball table? Many times we don’t have time to get out of the house and play the games and sports that is why indoor games such as Foosball can keep everyone busy for a good time. Therefore you can buy it for your office as well as home too, but many times we don’t have enough budgets to buy an expensive Foosball Table. Don’t worry; there are many DIYs available on the internet about how to make a mini Foosball Table at home. It is straightforward, fun as well as affordable too. That is why if you are not interested in spending money on the expensive Foosball Table than a mini one made by you can help you out.

    How to Make a Mini Foosball Table

    What do you need for a Mini Foosball Table?

    As you are making a Mini Foosball Table you will require few things which are mention below:
    •    A large cardboard box, or shoe box if you are making for kids
    •    Wooden Dowels
    •    Ten cloth pins
    •    Knife
    •    Marker to mark the measurement 
    •    Ruler to measure
    •    Hot glue or super glue
    •    Spray paint or any paint
    •    Clear tape
    •    Ping pong ball to play

    How to make the Mini Foosball Table?

    Well if you have gathered all the material, it is quite easy to make the table now but make sure that all the measurements are done right as well as things are used at the right place.

    Step 1: box and dowels

    Take the wooden dowels which can be 3/16 inch diameter and few inches wider than the box’s width as it will become the handle too. In case you couldn’t find any at your home, you can buy these from any hardware store or craft shop. Therefore before purchasing the wooden dowel, make sure you have measured the width of the box correctly.

    Step 2: measurement

    Now you can grab the clothespin and add to the dowel. 2 to 3 clothespin per dowel, here space between them is essential too. You can test it first, and then fit it in the area. You can also place the dowel at the top of the box and see the view and spacing between the clothespins are right or not.

    The middle two dowels should have three cloth pins and the two at the end have two of them. That is why make sure both dowels which have the three cloth pins have similar spacing between the pins while marking it with marker and places it there. Repeat same with the dowels which must have two clothespins. 

    Step 3: placing

    Now take your ruler and measure the points where the dowels have to insert when you have marked the place use a marker and mark it carefully. Make sure that you have to add four dowels in a way that all have the similar distance. You can also poke the holes and insert the dowels first just to check that everything looks good or not.

    Now take the scissors or knife (any sharp object) to make the holes on the box which will help you insert and fix the dowels.

    Step 4: making holes

    Take the scissors and make a rectangular hole on both needs of the box which is bigger than the size of ping pong ball. It is the place of goal, and when a player hits the target, the ball will come out of the rectangular space.

    Step 5: painting

    Now take the paint and paint the dowels as well as the clothespins which make it easier to see. Take one dowel of two clothespins and one of three and paint it in green, repeat same with the red color so that you can have two teams of red and green color each.

    Step 6: decorating

    It is time to decorate the box according to your liking; you can even paint the inside and outside of the box with your favorite color. Add the chart papers to embellish the goals and decorate that also.

    Step 7: assembling

    You can now assemble everything. Install the dowels on the marked point’s first one color than the other, now repeat the first color at third place and the second one at last. Now check for the right rotation of these dowels as it is working correctly or not.

    Step 8: Enjoy

    Your Mini Foosball Table is ready now, grab a ping pong ball and start playing the game with your friends and family. You can choose one team or let them select one color and start playing.


    It is very much fun as well as keeps you and your kids busy for hours, promotes positive game energy as well as pretty easy and economical to make. That is why if you want to do any DIY project for vacations or weekend, it is the best option for you. You can also include your kids to make and complete the project of creating easy Mini Foosball Table by yourself which is fun itself. Make sure to place the table in the right place after the games which will allow you to extend the life of the Mini Foosball Table.

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