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    Best Alternatives For iMessage on Android

    WHATSAPP: The most well known free messaging service out there, WhatsApp is immensely convenient. It’ll work across any form of internet connection (even 2G), allowing you to easily send messages, photos, videos and voice calls through the service. Group chat options,, and in addition the capacity to send and get messages from your browser, make things considerably more helpful.
    Here's a list of all the advantages a person reaps once she/ he installs Whatsapp:

    Best Alternatives For iMessage on Android

    1. Avaliable in iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

    2. Send unlimited messages across the world using Whatsapp

    3. It gives the status of the message easily using grey and blue ticks (single tick for sent and double tick for delivered, grey is for deliveredand blue is to show that the message is read by the person).

    Also, If you use Whatsapp web on iOS, you can directly share media from apps like iOS basics, garageband, logic pro or iOS related other applications. Also, now you can access Garageband for PC, so enjoy garageband even if you don’t have an apple computer. 

    4. Send contacts very easily and can be saved as well as with just two steps

    5. Send audio and video messages size upto (approximately) 16Mb

    6. Send document files upto 100Mb (like PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, slideshows and more)

    7. Send your location accurately and can be used instantly for starting the trip using google maps or your phones default map.

    8. It provides Group chat with a limit of about 256 Whatsapp Members

    9. It has Broadcast list for broadcasting single messages to multiple persons at a time using a single click.

    10. It provides security by giving End - To - End Encryption (So that your messages are safe and not displayed to others but only by the person you sent) and Easy Blocking Option (frequently used by girls and very rarely used by boys for blocking unwanted contacts)

    11. It have an option for Email Conversation instead of private messaging

    12. It gives boundless voice and video calls for nothing (practically accessible in all nations with some remarkable countires like UAE and so forth… )

    13. It provides emoji’s to make the conversation fun and interesting

    14. It has extended its services for web and Desktop (Windows 8 and MAC OS X 10.9)

    15. Saves your money and time by reducing normal Text and Multimedia messages

    16. It can also work without your sim card data but your account should have already been registered (try switching on flight mode and connect to a wifi network still you can access Whatsapp)

    17. It gives a simple approach to change your number to another number without losing your current Whatsapp account.

    18. All these services are provided for free of cost

    19. You can share your location, photos, status, images, videos with your friends.

    20. You need not spend any money for chatting and sharing with your friends (except the internet charges)

    21. It shows that the receiver has received and/or read the message.

    22. Free calls to other WhatsApp users are supported.

    23. App interface of WhatsApp is very simple and user friendly, that’s why it is very easy to use.

    24. Whatsapp started providing end-to-end encryption feature, which make your WhatsApp communication highly secure.

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