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    4 Smart Casual Outfits Ideas for Budget Conscious Ladies

    When it comes to fashion, smart casual is the dress code you need to master to look and feel good. But it’s also the hardest – a limbo state where you can’t look too casual or wear something too official. So, what do you do?

    The good news is there are plenty of options out there. There is variety and you don’t have to worry that a dress and blazer is the only option. But variety might make you feel anxious – does it mean your bank account will be crying for help? Not quite, because dressing well doesn’t mean you need to break the budget any longer. It is possible to find stunning outfits cheaper and create a confident look for all occasions – this will help you achieve your dreams!

    So, next time you are facing a smart casual occasion, here are the budget options to keep in mind.

    Smart Casual Outfits Ideas for Budget Conscious Ladies

    4 Smart Casual Outfits Ideas for Budget Conscious Ladies:

    The simple look

    Let’s start with the obvious. A proper dress paired with the right shoes and accessories is the one outfit that fits all occasion. Currently, a floral dress or a block dress would work just fine with cotton being the fabric of choice. This won’t look too dressy but still adds a good dose of professionalism to your look. If you’re worried about looking a little too smart, pair the dress with boots and a cardigan – it adds a more casual-feel to your outfit.

    On the other hand, if the dress is a bit more casual, you can add kitten heels and a few accessories to spruce it up. Jewellery is a good way of making your outfit look more thoughtful. In terms of other accessories, a good bag is a great addition to a simple dress-look. 

    The playful look

    If you are looking for something a bit more playful, then maxi skirts and jumpsuits are a great combination. When you are opting for something playful like this, you want to keep the colours toned down. Black is a great smart casual pick because it’s highly neutral and fits all occasions. You want a basic black jumpsuit to wear with black sheer tights. Pair it with a black maxi skirt and a cardigan or a cotton blazer. It’s a classic look with a slight hippy element to it and it will look beautiful on all occasions.

    The outfit can benefit from a few carefully selected jewellery pieces. A silver necklace or golden bracelets would add a bit more elegance to this look. You should also pick a pair of leather sneakers or ankle boots to finish off this look.

    The classic look

    Perhaps the most classic smart casual look is the combination of jeans and blazers. It rather cuts your outfit in half – the bottom is for the casual and the top is for smart. You can then play around with accessories and make the outfit more bling.

    Opt for classic black jeans when you want to be more on the smart side. For something a little casual and playful, coloured skinny jeans are a superb pick. Pair the jeans with a blouse or a classic collared-shirt. You can be a little playful with the prints and the colours if you want. Finish off the look with a classic tailored jacket or blazer. A dark grey or black blazer would work the best. If you are wearing skinny jeans, you can opt for high boots or pick classic leather ankle boots.

    The bohemian look

    For a bohemian but beautiful smart casual look, the trick is to go for leggings and tunics. You want to pick classic black leggings, perhaps with a sheer finish. Then pair them with a colourful, print tunic. Floral prints or stripers are great classic options. Ensure the blouse is made with silk for a more sophisticated finish. 

    This look calls for plenty of jewellery and beautiful leather pumps. Use plenty of statement jewellery – big earrings and massive necklaces. Stick to similar colours to your tunic. You can also add a leather clutch bag to add more detail to your look.

    Shopping with a budget

    When it comes to shopping the above items, you have plenty of options. You can find great options for each outfit with cheaper fashion retailers like H&M and New Look. If you have a slightly higher budget to play with, you can opt to shop at John Lewis or Zara. 

    No matter where you shop, you should also remember a few tricks. Use sales to your advantage. Cyber Monday, Boxing Day sales and Summer Clearance sales are all great occasions for finding a bargain. The above looks are timeless and focus on classic colours – so you can shop for your next summer dress a year in advance and save money. You should also look for special online discounts. Currently, you could shop for great TU dresses with Argos voucher codes and stick to your budget.

    So, casual smart occasions offer plenty of look options. You just need to mix and match your items to find the perfect style combinations. With the above tips, you can shop cheaper and look stunning as a result!

    Author bio: The article was generously contributed by Nick, who is keen to exhibit interesting tips on "Budgeting", "Saving Tips", and “Frugality" by spreading the message and creating awareness about "usage of vouchers" which will help budget-conscious Ladies to stay within the budget without compromising on their wish list.

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