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    5 Best Linux Distros for Geeks

    Linux is an operating system same as Windows 10, 8, 7, Mac OS but the main difference is that it is completely Open source.  So no restriction you have got, you can do whatever you want, you can manage every single resources according to your need and make it completely work according to your commands. As all you know Linux is CUI based OS so you better know some commands in order to access inside features and make it work for you. Also, there are several reasons that people love using Linux because it relates you with the term hacking. Being an Open Source OS makes it do task like that so you can do penetration testing, cracking etc. and you don’t even need to worry about security like having Virus or something like that. Windows users often search for software like VPN to change the IP on windows or hide them to make better privacy while surfing the internet but with kali you can do this just by Runnig few commands.

    5 Best Linux Distros for Geeks

    Linux is not a separated word so you can’t make commands to install the OS and start doing your things on it. You must know some Linux Distros (Distributions) so you can choose what specific purpose a distro can be used. Here are 5 Linux distros which you should probably know:

    1.  Ubuntu

    Best linux distro for business desktop? This Distro is commonly used used Linux distro for development and other purposes. Over these years, Ubuntu has grown to become one of the popular Linux desktop Distro in Linux desktop scenario. Due to this much popularity and continuous development, this Debian-derivative is heavily used in the cloud and server applications. It also ships in multiple flavors to gratify different needs of people.

    Ubuntu runs on the most popular architectures, including Intel, AMD, and ARM-based machines. This distribution is also available for smartphones/tablets with its Touch edition. Ubuntu is more stable and you don’t have to install anything else to get you started with your productivity. 

    2.  Linux Mint

    Mint is the another best linux distro which is modern distro. It is elegent and very easy to use and also powerful enough to do your task. When it comes to Mint, it feels more familier with windows user than other distributions of linux because with this distro you will get quick launch icons and system tray icons which feels like almost GUI as windows and makes your task easier. 

    The best thing about this Mint distro is that it comes with a wide range of desktop options so you can have the default Cinnamon desktop, or with or Xfce (XForms Common Environment) MATE, KDE,. Linux Mint Debian Edition which is aimed at experienced Linux users, is also available. Linux mint comes with VLC media player which means you don’t have to indtall additional player when this one comes preinstalled.

    3.  Linux Lite

    Linux lite uses Xfce which is a desktop favoured by many. Xfce is a choice which provides the perfect
    balance between resource usage and visual perks. As the name explains you can determine that this linux distribution is perfect for begineers which you can’t find hard to do task. Not like other distros, it uses few resources so if you are a gamer kind of person then you can probably play games because most of the resources will be always free to execte additional things. On its idle stage it only uses 300mb. This is the first distro on linux which is such idle for playing games. The installation part of this OS is pretty much same as any generic OS, so you can boot from USB or run it live whatever suits you.

    4.  Fedora

    Fedora is considered sometimes as better than Ubuntu. Fedora continually ships new kernels during the release cycle, while Ubuntu almost stick with a single kernel version, only patching for security and bug fixes which is not worth. Fedora fixes things faster than any other OS which is good thing to figure out the bugs. Fedora gives you a platform for nexgen technologies which is pretty good thing in itself. However, not going with what other says bas about ubuntu but Fedora is great in term of working but we can’t compare it with Ubuntu as good or bad so going with either on will not be wrong.

    5.  CentOS

    CentOS is short for Community Enterprise OS which actually made from Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and it also considered as best distro for businesses and developers. It is more stable and very secure and that is the reason it always use stable version of their software. Hope you enjoyed the list of best Linux distributions which you take into consideration while switching to Linux OS.

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