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    Used Furniture Stores Near Me? -Get IKEA Appliances App

    Used Furniture Stores Near Me? IKEA to Introduce an Augmented Reality Furniture App with iOS 11

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    Apple is working to introduce AR into devices of daily use and IKEA is one of its very important partners in this regard. Read below to find out what they are up to!


    It is believed that IKEA is involved with Apple in making Virtual Reality a step ahead in the upcoming much-hyped iOS 11. In a recent interview, Tim Cook revealed that he was really excited about this progress and seriously wanted to scream with happiness because of the way Apple has managed to accommodate the progressing AR and VR technology in their software.

    While talking about it, he gave the example of furniture-buying which will be completely revolutionized because of AR. IKEA has been mentioned briefly while talking about iOS 11 but it has a major role to play. The company is using the 3D images of their furniture line and changing the entire experience of the customers as they shop for furniture items.

    IKEA Entering the Digital World

    It is a digital transformation for IKEA itself according to manager Michael Valdsgaard. He has revealed that the company is working on a one of its kind AR app and has an inclination to bend the entire system of the company as per the newest technologies. Through the AR app, customers will be able to make reliable buying decisions, he further added. Also, all the new products will be first available on the AR app and IKEA hopes to add 500-600 products in the catalog for 3D viewing.

    Used Furniture Stores Near Me? - Get IKEA Appliances App

    It is obvious that IKEA and its AR app will be playing an integral role in iPhone 8 and in helping Apple reach the mark which they have destined for themselves. IKEA is already using photo-realistic renders instead of product photos in the catalog and it plans on dropping these 3D models in its AR app now.

    Introduction of AR through iPhone 8

    As the CEO of Apple Tim Cook enthusiastically talks about the potential of augmented reality, it is expected that the upcoming flagship model, iPhone 8, will have a lot to offer to the viewers in this regard. It is expected that apart from some of the finest AR and VR apps in the App Store, even the camera of iPhone 8 will be AR-enhanced. This is nothing less than a milestone for the company which means that with iPhone 8, it is going to take the competition in this industry to the next level.

    Apple already has an AR kit tool which is available for its developers to pick up and use. They must ensure that anyone who uses Apple’s phones and tablets must have a smooth AR experience without any hindrance or issue. 

    It is to be believed that if Apple and all its partners continue to work in this technology and attain all the goals in the coming three months, they will be surpassing Microsoft in the race of Augmented Reality.
    IKEA is definitely one of the most important partners for Apple in taking the lead in the market and with their AR app facilitating furniture buying available in iOS 11, iPhone 8 will be the most powerful flagship phone to be released till date.

    Author bio: Sharlyn william is a tech expert and writes blogs for some of the leading publications. She is into interior designing as a hobby and She start her writing career from giving assignment writing service to the students because she loves to write about innovation in this area.

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