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    When Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date? Here You’ll Know!

    Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date

    Galaxy S7 is one of the most successful smartphones Samsung ever produced. After Note 7 phones caught fire and became a setback for company’s seamless race, Samsung is in utmost pressure to come back to the race. During a recent press event, the company announced new tablets, where it hinted about its upcoming smartphone. 

    During this Mobile World Congress press event held on 26 February, Samsung sent an invitation to a press event scheduled for March 29 when the company is probably going to announce the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. This news excited Samsung lovers, tech enthusiasts, and even mobile app development companiesin USA, India and across the world of all size.

    The event that was captioned "unbox your phone” hinted about how the device will come. The expected features are curved displays, box-like design, and curved edges. 

    The event started with a brief video that demonstrated the company's rigorous product testing procedures and a note about the works company has to do to regain consumer reliance after the Note 7 disaster.

    S8 will be the first smartphone after the company recalled around 3 million Note 7 smartphones worldwide after the devices caught fire in two different incidents. Samsung will live stream the Galaxy S8 release at www.samsung.com/galaxyat 11 AMEST am March, 29 2017. 

    Let’s see what will be the exciting features S8 will bring that you won’t find even on Apple’s iPhone 8 and any other premiere smartphones currently in the market. 

    Iris scanner

    Security is vital for any handheld device that is connected to the internet. Galaxy Note 7 came up with a top-notch security, but the disaster of battery spoiled it. With iris scanner, users were allowed to unlock Note 7 and get access to a special secure folder with an eye scan. Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are expected to come up with iris scanner integrated and it will enable mobile payment authentication. The scanner is kept on the face of the phone above the display.

    Desktop mode

    Galaxy S8 will introduce you a new desktop mode in the phone which will allow you to connect your device to monitor or any other peripherals of the computer, so you will be able to enjoy a top-notch desktop computing experience. If you want Windows on a smartphone or vice-versa, this will be a top feature you have ever expected. 

    Beast mode

    Beast mode will definitely a rocking feature all set to amuse you.  I feel even the iPhone 8 also won’t come up with this. It provides users a maximum range of computing power possible. This feature will be useful enough for gaming and other resource-heavy functions. 


    A new set of polished and fresh features are a prime requisite for Samsung to have in order to regain consumer trust. I hope this time Samsung is deeply careful to avoid battery disasters as that ruined the company’s reputation in global level, in both trust and revenue areas. Let’s wait for the release. Do share your comments. 

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