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    Top 5 Power Bank Facts You Should Know

    I am asked quite frequently the questions about the best power bank. Include, how the power bank works, how it can be used by peoples like me and you, how it can be utilized in a most efficient ways, and so forth.

    I do not know why many people being confused while using, understanding and using power bank. Power bank has been in the market for a while now.

    Top 5 Power Bank Facts You Should Know

    However, guess what?

    Probably, it is not that popular as it might be. Best Power Bank in India, Pakistan or Bangladesh, it is not being leveraged too much. Probably, this is one of the reasons why peoples seem to be too awkward in evaluating power bank from the core. 

    In case you are of the power bank consumers and been searching for some facts about it, just for the heck of knowledge of fun (Doesn't matter), this post is going fit your requirement. Here are Top 5 Power Bank Facts You Should Know to fully maximize your device.

    Let's dive in.

    1.   What does the power bank capacity tell us?

    The very first fact about the power bank is that it comes in various sizes and the mAh's size tell us the total capacity of the battery. In short: the more mAh a power bank has, the larger the energy it has.
    Let me give you an example, an iPhone 6 plus has the mAh of 2915, so if you want it to be charged fully, of course, you will have to have a power bank with ever more higher mAh, heck than the iPhone 6 plus.

    2.    Do all power banks charge laptops?

    Let's be honest here, many peoples have been assuming for a while now that laptop power bank could be used to charge their laptop as well, but the fact is, not all power banks are created. In a nutshell, laptops cannot be charged by every power banks.

    The reason is that there are many power banks out there in the market who have 5V USB output which is commonly used for charging laptops.  Nonetheless, the power bank for laptop should have a higher voltage output - 16V to 20V - to be specific, depending upon your notebook specification. Best power bank brand in india, you can check out your AC adapter to get the voltage required. 

    However, still, there are still some power banks in the market who is providing this.

    3.    Don’t charge your phone full from the power bank.

    I am not sure if you are hearing this for the first time or not, but yeah, you ought not charge your mobile completely just by leveraging the power of lithium polymer power bank. Your mobile absorbs energy all the time while charging the mobile battery. When your cell phone is getting full, when starts reaching to 80-90%, the battery charging reduces before reaching out to the full capacity. Thus your power bank energy is lost by your phone led or conversions.

    4.   What about conversion rate?

    In fact, all power banks do not create yield as imprinted on the inventory. There is some misfortune in productivity because of AC to DC transformation misfortune, Heat era, and influence disaster. 

    So conversion rate is one of the elements which decides yield of your power bank. So if power bank has transformation rate of 80%, then its yield is 8000mAh if its evaluated yield is 10000mAh.

    5.   What's the quick way to charge the smartphone and save energy on my power bank?

    Mobiles phones may the updates automatically and devour more power when associated with the charger. In the event that we truly need to spare vitality when charging from a power bank, it is an intelligent thought to keep the mobile phone in Flight Mode. That will permit you to just charge the battery cell, just utilizing the fundamental elements on the working framework on your telephone.


    Did you find my this article about power bank facts interesting and useful? Do you have some other suggestions as well? Either way, let me know. Also check the review of best power bank from here.

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