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    How to use Tinder without Facebook - Dating App

    Tinder is a social dating app which was launched in the year 2012. It facilitates the communication between mutually interested users. The consumers use left or right swipes to choose the photos of other users and potentially match with them. It is said to be the most commonly used as dating services app. The report exclaims that by the year 2014, it was producing about twelve million matches per day. Tinder is available in most of the countries around the globe, though it is not the most common dating app available how other app like tinder. This gigantic app is nearly to about fifty million active users. 

    How to use Tinder App without Facebook

    How to use Tinder without Facebook - Dating App

    Are you ready to join Tinder?

    Download the Tinder mobile app on Android or iOS device. It is free to download the app. However, some of the features cost money to use. How to use Tinder without facebook? A Facebook account is a must, but Tinder won’t ever post the details to Facebook. Grant the access permission to the device location.

    How does Tinder works?

    How to use Tinder App? Once you download the app and join Tinder, there are a series of steps to be followed. When a person opens Tinder for the first time, the first important step is to set up the profile before the swiping process begins. Then tap the profile icon at the top of the screen in order to access the profile screen. One can add the profile photo and also can edit the profile screen. For uploading the photos one can choose from the camera roll.  

    How does tinder work? While adding the photos, one can select the Smart photos option that tests all the photos and picks the best one to show first. Other details like details about themselves, including school college work details, can be added. One can connect to the Instagram account and Spotify account to show the photos and music you like. One can also designate the gender and choose to hide the age and distance.

    Tinder’s amazing features

    Tinder app lets a person to swipe left or right on the individuals and also group of persons. How to use tinder social? This swiping feature is free to do and does not cost any amount. The app also introduces a new feature known Super Likes. A person has to wait to get Super Like. Or the other way is to upgrade to Tinder Plus which costs money and instantly get more Super Likes. Tinder Plus is the premium version of Tinder. It unlocks the most features including the ability to rewind on swipes, which is handy if u accidentally swiped. This feature costs about twenty dollars a month. 

    It also lets you discover people in the areas where you are currently located in, among other things. It has become more social, by adding the free ability to find another group of friends to hang out with. For this, the main criteria are that one needs to set up a group of at least one other friend. Once a person has matched with the individuals and groups, one can start chatting with them or send GIFs. This is also free to do.

    Swiping on groups is available in Tinder?

    One can also find groups of people to hang out with on tinder. It is simple just tap the People icon at the top of the screen. One can see a group screen with a feed of groups; one can swipe left or right on. Tinder gives an automatic notification when a person is matched with a group. The profiles of each person in the group can be seen. It is necessary to create an own group of at least one other person.

    How to chat with the people?

    Whenever Tinder alerts a person to a new match with an individual or a group, he/she will be given the opportunity to start a chat with the match, keep swiping, or tell their friends. How to use Tinder to hook up? Hookup apps without facebook? The person can also tap on any individual to start or resume the chat with them.  One can also adjust the settings on the profile screen. The details like distance, age range, profile photo privacy etc can be adjusted.

    Is making a Tinder account safe?

    Here we have some queries like, Can we use tinder without facebook? Can u use tinder without facebook? Tinder totally depends on Facebook to ensure that the profiles are a legal one and that users are not making accounts with counterfeit names and photos. How to use tinder without facebook? As such, Tinder will show the other users the first name used on Facebook as well as most recent profile photos from Facebook. Tinder without facebook? Any mutual Facebook friends or page likes are displayed when Tinder users review Tinder profile. If a person displays workplace or other information it will also appear on your Tinder account. 

    Your distance from the other users will also be revealed. If a person is not comfortable with the personal information being shared with the third person then it is better not create an account. Can you use tinder without facebook? One can access Facebook profile items including Email address, interests, likes, gender, date of birth etc. This information will be maintained confidentially and is not collected to be shared with other Tinder users; however, a person should review Tinder’s Terms of Service and Privacy agreement to ensure that you are comfortable with how this information might be used. Tinder select is not completely a separate app, but rather a separate option found on Twitter. It is said to be a members-only version of the app.

    Major reasons Women swipe right on Tinder

    A research report says that men on Tinder are more likely to wipe right than women, but are less likely to message a match. On the other side of the flip, women are the selective one. They swipe right with the intention of messaging that person, so more selective with the people they choose. The most important fact is the photo quality. There are some real life models out there looking for love on the app. However, there are even some people who create fake profiles in the hopes of accomplishing who knows what.  

    For most of the girls, a lot of thoughts go into whom we swipe right for, even if it is just a hook-up app. The casual Tinder users have known for years that if a girl continuously likes a bunch of profiles, there is a chance that most of them will like her back. A recent report shows that while the fake male profiles matched with the other users 0.6 percent of the time, around ten percent of female profiles were liked mostly by men. The researchers exclaim that the women are more selective one on Tinder, only liking the profiles of men they are attracted to, whereas men play a game by liking everyone in sight. It seems men are less likely to send messages. 

    Only seven percent of the men who matched with a fake profile sent a message, compared with twenty-one percent of women. On a popular dating app, where the people swipes right to indicate they like a potential match and swipe left which means rejection.As per the report, men are almost three times as likely to swipe right as women. The men do this thing for about forty-six percent of the time, while the women do it for fourteen percent of the time. 

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