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    How Best Martial Arts Help You Stay Healthy and Fit?

    How Best Martial Arts Help You Stay Healthy and Fit? Practicing martial arts, a special type of fitness training, helps you protect and defend yourself. Besides, there are a plenty of health benefits associated with practicing the same. Which martial art is best for me? Martial arts is something that involves several different physical activities that must be practiced under strict supervision of the trainer to ensure that you learn the proper techniques, forms, movements and balances of the art you’re learning. What martial art should i learn?

    Best Martial Arts Help You Stay Healthy and Fit

    Different Types of martial arts

    What is the best martial art? There are several forms of most effective martial arts that may include, 
    • Tae kwon do – This form is somehow related to karate but much more focused on kicking and other leg movements while it involves minimum use of hands as well as upper body. This technique works excellently for toning and strengthening lower part of the body. 
    • Karate – This is the most common form of best self defense martial arts. It’s a great way to tone and strengthen upper body. There is an intense and active involvement of feet, hands and elbows with this martial arts form. 
    • Kung fuHow to learn kungfu? This is a high-intensity one martial arts form that provides superior cardiovascular and aerobic workout. It primarily involves punching and kicking moves, jumps, and somersaults to defend yourself from the attack of your opponent. It especially helps enhancing your cardiovascular system.  
    • Judo – This is a special martial arts form where you leverage the strength and size of your opponent to defend yourself. Learn how to fight? Unlike other popular forms of martial arts, judo is focused on controlling your opponent by holding him/her off instead of striking. 

    Health benefits of martial arts

    Martial arts exercises offer a plethora of physical and mental health benefits. Practicing martial arts can do much more than simply helping you learn how to defend yourself. It helps you meet your fitness goals by offering a number of benefits. 
    • Keeps fit and full of enthusiasm – If you practice the best martial arts for self defense on a regular basis, it’ll definitely make you fast and prompt. You’ll feel more energetic and agile as well. 
    • Prevents and fights diseases – Practicing martial arts help maintaining bone density, promoting cardiovascular health, lowering hypertension, reducing arthritis pain and improving overall quality of life, especially for the breast cancer victims. It is an adjunct to traditional medical procedures for treating, preventing and rehabilitating different conditions mainly associated with ageing. Best martial art for women? Women suffering from osteoporosis can surely go for this fitness regimen to ensure better mineral bone density. It is also capable of extracting several severe diseases like diabetes, heart failure, fibromyalgia and Parkinson’s disease. Practicing martial arts lowers blood cholesterol and maintains healthy blood pressure and so can eliminate the risk of developing cardiac diseases.  
    • Induces graceful ageing – Ageing is a natural phenomenon. But people often get caught with less agility and reduced flexibility as they age. Most popular martial arts helps improving flexibility and endorsing a health range of motion in elderly people. It also helps maintaining muscle strength. It works quite effectively in promoting better balance and preventing falls in seniors. 
    • Helps to lose weight – Weight loss is another amazing health benefit of practicing martial arts, regularly. One pound of fat equals to about 3,500 calories. So to lose one pound a week, you should eliminate about 500 calories each day from your diet. An hour of intense martial arts session can burn up to 500 calories. And so you’ll be well on your way to experience better weight loss outcome. 
    • Enhances better sleep – With tremendously hectic life and huge work load, it’s important that you get adequate rest at night. Practicing martial arts ensures a solid and sound sleep. And as you know, when you’ll get good sleep every night, half of your diseases will be cured in one go. 
    • Reduces anxiety and stress – Stress and anxiety are among the key causes of different health issues. Prolonged stress often results in chronic headache, heart diseases, intestinal and liver problems and lots more. Practicing martial arts would release your stress and let you get rid of irritations occurred due to leading a hectic life. Martial arts often involves meditation that promotes discipline. It helps you having control over your emotions. Martial arts styles activities increase production of feel-good neurotransmitter called endorphins that enhance positivity and optimism. It also provides a constructive way to drain out your frustration and have better control over anger. It boosts up your self-esteem and confidence too!
    When talking about martial arts, there is literally no dearth of its positive health outcomes. If you’re concerned about maintaining a healthy life, free of daunting diseases and stress, you can surely think about learning and practicing martial arts. 

    Author bio: Sam is a well-known martial arts trainer. He has his own blog where he regularly writes on nitty-gritty related to martial arts exercises. He also writes on using different types of martial arts weapons including martial arts swords

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