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    Oldest Historical Buildings in Washington DC

    What is the oldest building in washington DC? Important buildings in DC? There are many historic buildings in Washington DC. Many tourist come in Washington DC to see these building. These historic buildings provide a great charm for tourist.

    They are surprise to see the fascinating glimpse into the changes in architecture. These buildings attract the tourist. There are many famous buildings in Washington DC but we are going to naming few historical buildings.

    Old Stone House DC:

    Old Stone House is built in 1765. It is the oldest architecture known private home in Washington DC. Old Stone House is located in the Georgetown at Washington DC. The looking of old stone house was like ordinary home. The kitchen of old stone house  is furnished in 18 century style. The oldest stone structure house was built as private home in Washington DC.  Bedrooms are furnished in the style of 18 century. Old Stone House has a small garden, open to the public. Your desire to see the old stone house and you are looking for transportation. Washington DC car service provides a better way of transportation.

    The U.S. Capitol:

    U.S-Capitol - Oldest Building in DC

    Historic oldest building in DC? The U.S. capitol is located at the opposite end of the National Mall. The U.S. Capitol has 540 rooms among five levels. It is massive building structure. The Congressional office is located in ground floor. The chamber of the oldest house is located in second floor. Circular space of the U.S. Capitol serves as a gallery of paintings.The machinery rooms and additional offices are located in fourth floor. The U.S. Capitol was updated in 2015 and 2016 and giving the oldest structure a beautiful appearance. The tour of the historic oldest building in dc, in the U.S. Capitol is free but requires a ticket. Washington DC car service provides online booking and provides comfortable and reliable transportation.

    White House:

    Oldest Building in DC - White House

    The White House is built in 1792. The White House is an ancient buildings and serves as a museum of American history. The White House has 132 rooms on 6 levels. It is decorated with arts such as historic painting, sculpture, furniture and china.  Tourist comes to see the White House. Public tours are limited to the group of 10 or more. The scheduled for tourism is based as first come, first serve. Washington DC car service is the best service for tour. When you come in Washington DC and make a program to visit the White House. Washington DC car service provides a best service for you.

    Dumbarton House:

    Dumbarton House -Oldest Building in DC

    Dumbarton House is the oldest historic house museum. Dumbarton House is located in Georgetown. It was built during the presidencies of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson circa. Dumbarton House is updated as beautiful display and collection of beautiful paintings, textiles, silver, furniture and ceramics. There are about 1.2 acres of garden and terraces in Dumbarton House. There is East Park that is beautifully landscaped area and Herb Garden. The Herb Garden has herbs, flowers and many other plants that would have been present during the 18th and 19th centuries. Many tourists come to see the Dumbarton House. Washington DC car service is the best choice to see the historic building in Washington DC.

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