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    Top 10 Weight Loss Tips and Living a Healthy Life

    If you want to loose weight without gimmicks, pills, magic bullets etc then you are in right place. From the past few decades the intake of heavy food is increasing amongst people day by day. 

    Junk food contains lot of fats and calories which result in health problems like heavy breathing, risk of heart attacks, tiredness, sloppy towards physical activities. It is very essential to control body weight. 

    Following are the methods that top 10 weight loss tips and living a healthy life.

    1. Swimming


    Swimming is the self propulsion of person with water. The fact is that it can also be used to reduce fats present in the body. Swimming burns calories. While swimming almost all body parts do work which results in more pumping of heart and lungs to supply oxygen. This reduces fats in the body. It's also not an frustrated thing you can enjoy swimming as a hobby too!

    2. Exercise

    Exercise maintains our health, improve fitness, anti-ageing and it also reduces fats in the body. Doing regular exercise can be result in steep decrease in body weight.

    3. Avoid junk foods

    Junk foods contains high amount of fats and less proteins. When junk foods are consumed it increases calories and hence increases body weight. I know many of us can't resist junk food at all. One should take hygienic food instead of junk food.

    4. Water

    75 % of body consist of water. Water has 0% calories. Drinking water before eating reduces the consumption of food as the stomach is already full. It also make your body hydrated. But make sure you drink water only not to mix it with other liquids, you know what i mean :p

    5. Green tea

    Green tea helps in boosting metabolism of body. People who drinks green tea regularly saw their metabolic rate increase. It's because green tea consist catechin which increase the rate of metabolism speeding. Metabolism also reduces body fats.

    6. Eat healthy

    A good diet doesn't requires any special diet to follow, it's just a smart choice to choose the food full of nutrition values you eat.

    You must know, the nutrition of the food you eat. A healthy food contains high amount of proteins,vitamins,low fat, low calories, calcium. Eating salad, grains, fruits, vegetables makes you fit and healthy.

    7. Take a walk

    Walking daily for 30 minutes increases confidence, stamina, energy, reduces chances of heart attack, reduces asthma and controls body weight and taking a morning walk can increase your chances to find a better half for you too.

    8. Sweat

    Yeah it's right sweat helps to reduce body weight. If it sweats don't be hesitate in real you are consuming your body calories.

    9. Meditation

    Meditation is the art which induces internal rest. Meditation promote relaxation, decreases stress, boosts energy. Meditation  also reduces blood pressure, healthy arteries which make you healthy and fit.

    10. Prefer a doctor

    You should also take advise from doctor on how to loose weight without going to gym. 

    I hope that the above information is useful to you. Don't hesitate to comment below if you have any questions or additional phrases to add on this topic and always keep in mind that "The greatest wealth is Health"

    Author bio: This post is a guest article by Shantanu Patil who share his blogging experience in his blog Beginner's Portal

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