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    How to Give Yourself a Foot Massage and Reflexology

    How to Give Yourself a Foot Massage and Reflexology? How to massage feet yourself? Giving yourself a foot massage and reflexology techniques has a lot more benefits than you think. Best hand and foot reflexology pain is solve now. In fact, your foot is linked to various parts of your body and when you have happy feet you have a healthy body. Giving yourself a massage is easy.

    How to Give Yourself a Foot Massage and Reflexology

    Try combining a massage with a foot soak and then rub on some lotion afterward. Try this before going to bed and make it part of your daily routine. Try applying pressure to various points of your foot. You will feel a bigger difference in the health benefits that a foot massage can provide. Combine relaxing and healthy essential oils, and you will soon see the differences.

    How to Give Yourself a Foot Massage and Reflexology

    1. Stress Relief 

    Stress Relief

    As you probably know every type of massage is relaxing. Most people focus on their neck, back, and shoulders but a foot massage can be just as relaxing and can help you get rid of all that wound-up stress. You will find you have lower levels of anxiety and better moods just after five minutes of a massage. Do this regularly or every day, if you can, to feel the difference. Either getting someone else to do it or by doing it yourself will prove to be stress relieving.

    2. Better Sleep 

    Better Sleep

    Another incredible benefit is better to sleep. By giving yourself a foot massage before bed, you can experience a more relaxed and deeper sleep. It can also help you overcome bad sleeping patterns or insomnia. To get the right spot try squeezing the top of the foot inwards until you find a dimpled spot. If you press and massage this spot particularly, then you can experience better sleep.

    3. Better Circulation

    Better Circulation

    Everyday your feet are worn thin. We all wear shoes which don’t fit properly; we don’t exercise enough, and our general lifestyle can be unhealthy. This all leads to bad circulation. If you suffer a lot from numb, tingling or cold feet, then this could be the problem. If you have signs of poor circulation, then using regular foot massager could help improve the circulation throughout your body.

    4. Lower Blood Pressure

    Lower Blood Pressure

    If you suffer from high blood pressure, then you probably know how serious this can be. It can increase your risk of a heart attack or stroke. Changing your lifestyle will have a big impact on your blood pressure but enjoying regular foot massages can also provide a huge change. Research over the years has proven that give yourself a foot massage help to lower blood pressure.

    5. Natural Pain Relief 

    Natural Pain Relief

    Foot massages work as a way of natural pain relief. There are many areas and spots on your foot which are linked to your stomach, your head, your arms, your legs and even your back just to name a few. By combining essential oils into your foot massage, you can relieve any pain you have. Again, research has proven this fact so if you have a headache sit down and enjoy an intense foot massage.

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