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    5 Great Ways to Hang Posters without Frames in Minutes

    The joy of posters is in their buying and looking and not in putting them up. Thus, it is only natural for people to avoid hassle while looking for ways to put them up. Frameless posters may get you worried as to how to put them up. And we are here to provide the perfect help.

    Here, we shall be talking about 5 great easy ways in which you can put up your frameless posters on a wall in only a few minutes. Whether it be a single poster or a wall full of posters, these ways are the perfect answer to your how to hang posters without a frame question.

    Hang Posters without Frames in Minutes

    5 Great Ways to Hang Posters without Frames in Minutes

    1. Pant Hangers:

    The answer to your how to hang posters without damaging poster question lies in you very closet. Pant hangers are the all-in-one frame-and-hook tool. All you have to decide is if you want to keep the wood finish or do you want to give it the same color as the wall to help it blend some more.

    2. Washi Tape:

    The Washi Tape is our perfect friend and the best way to not just put frameless posters but to decorate them too. Even if you are planning to create a whole gallery of posters, using Washi tape makes the deed easy and simple. You can use small pieces so that the poster stands out or you can make a border (like a faux frame) to make the poster appear more personalized. The best thing about Washi tapes is that you can switch them up with new ones if or when you get bored. They are certainly one of the best ways if not the best way to hang posters without frames. 

    3. Bib Clips:

    A unique show is provided by bib clips. Mostly recognizable when you visit the dentist, these can certainly be great for putting up posters without frames. All you have to do hang them from a nail, clip your poster and it’s done. Bib clips take away the conventional look by adding a triangular design element. They are available in various colors which enable you to pick n choose the ones which either give your wall a complement or a contrast.

    4. Binder Clips:

    Rather than tacking your posters on the wall, you can use binder clips. You will surely have them lying around somewhere in your home. The usual silver and black plastic are nice but for a better show, you can also use gold and copper. These are prettier. This will help you get rid of the holes that tacks brought: another very simple way of how to hang posters without frame.

    5. Square Bend hooks and foam core:

    This is a very minimalist yet artistic way of how to hang posters without damaging posters. For this, all you have to do is put up your poster on a foam core. This will give it a structure but don’t worry. It will still be light enough to be hanged. Once done, give it a suitable position on the wall with the help of square bend hooks (or L-shaped hooks), one on each corner. This gives the whole set up the look of an art gallery.

    There are many websites with blogs that offer many other such ways of how to hang posters without a frame. Along with this, they also offer information on everyday stuff like dank memes, funny things to say, slime-without-glue recipes, tips to learn piano, parachute pants, and much more. And all this is for free. So, if you want to add coolness to your daily life, look them up and get going right away.

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