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    3 Efficient Ways to Conduct Customer Feedback Surveys

    Right from collecting and responding to the customer feedback, business enterprises are continuously looking for better formats and efficient tools. The customer feedback has proved to be the best technique to measure customer satisfaction and help business inject growth into the road-maps. 

    How the customers view your services, products and brand image needs to be valued to sustain the competition. What may sound easy has its own set of challenges. Currently, only 2% of the customers are completing the survey forms. For encouraging customers to provide feedback and to drive valuable insights from the same, a quick and easy system must be integrated with existing set up.

    3 Efficient Ways to Conduct Customer Feedback Surveys

    Even before we find out the most efficient ways of seeking feedback, it becomes important to understand why we need the customers standpoint about our products and services. Let us begin by asking ourselves these questions:

    Which segment of the customer’s experience would you want to receive a feedback about?(Product experience/Speed or Quality of service) 
    Are you will to make changes to your products or services if the client advices so?
    Which channel of communication works best for your clients? (SMS/Email/Social Media/Call)
    Based upon the intent behind your surveys, the top 3 ways to get the maximum engagement happen to be:  

    Customer feedback surveys:

    The way you approach your customers by using surveys are very different. You could start by conducting short or long-form surveys on your websites, polls on your social media channels. 

    It needs a lot of careful thinking to put in questions into these surveys. As these surveys are quite detailed, they provide you an opportunity to actually understand in detail what the customer is thinking out your brand. Some of the higher engagement surveys ensure that the questions are relevant to the goal behind your survey. The questions need to be smart and open-ended so that the client does not feel being lead to only positive feedback
    Only a survey that has an appropriate set of question can entice the customers enough to spare time to answer the queries.

    Email and SMS Surveys:

    Email and SMS have proved to be the best marketing tool till date. To receive a candid feedback from the customers requires a meticulous planning and use of the best customer feedback system.  The focus must be on assuring customers that they always receive a speedy and personalized response of their feedback. Apart from that there must be candid follow-ups and an organized feedback system. 

    Factors in your feedback campaign that impresses the customers:

    Believe it or not, asking for feedback impresses your clients even if they choose not to share their inputs. But the magic happens only when the feedback has the right balance of all the elements. 

    1.  Anonymity and Instant Feedback:

    Some of your customers may feel shy to disclose their identity while they share the feedback. If the feedback system has an option for customer to send anonymous SMS or Email with the image or details of the concern, it encourages them to participate in the feedback. 

    If the point of concern is something that needs to be fixed quickly, the employees must receive alerts and must take the necessary action. Post the problem is fixed, the customer must receive a notification to ensure his feedback has been accepted and implemented. 
    Integration of system with such scale of sophistication is bound to impress the clients. 

    2.  Real-time and interactive Feedback:

    The customers send a feedback and wish to track the actions being taken upon the same. The employees must receive alerts and the system must acknowledge the feedback is worked upon. It must open a chat window for real-time conversation. At the end, the customer must be informed about the feedback implementation with a thank you note. 

    3.  Icon Based Feedback:

    Not all the feedback require immediate action and are conducted to assess the customer satisfaction levels. Using the one touch icon based feedback system is an easy and more engaging way of receiving feedback that can be measured and used to evaluate the employees too. 

    As this kind of system is simple and quick enough, it ensures most of customers do provide the feedback that is critical for a business to improve its performance. 

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