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    Tee Off with the Best Golf Apps Currently Available

    As an avid fan of golf, I’m also an avid user of golf apps. I was recommending one of my favorite apps to a friend and he suggested that I actually write down my review so that it could be shared with other golf-lovers. I thought this was a great idea, so that’s what I’ve done here. 

    Rather than simply recommending the apps I like best, I’ve also broken them down into two subcategories - Tee Times and PGA Tour apps - to hopefully make it that much easier for you to find the app that best fits your needs. 

    Tee Off with the Best Golf Apps Currently Available

    Tee Off with the Best Golf Apps Currently Available

    1.   Tee Times:

    All you need is a few taps and you’ll be able to find and book tee times at thousands of golf courses worldwide. Make scheduling that golf game easier than ever before. 

    Apps: GolfNow, Golfshot

    GolfNow lets you use your GPS to search for golf courses nearby as well as to find tee times in your area that fit into your schedule. You can earn points with each and every game you play and, as the points build, you can then redeem them for a free game. I would just recommend that you keep in mind: you will need to book your golf game 3 days in advance if you want to use your points.

    Golfshot is stellar because it helps you get up to 80% off bookings for tee times all across the world on countless golf courses. You can invite your friends to play with you and keep score as you go with statistics on how each of you plays. Plus, there’s absolutely no need to check the PGA tour schedule or PGA leaderboard on your computer because it’s all available right on the app. Just note that certain wearables, like Tic Watch, are not currently supported; only Apple Watch and Android Wear can be used with the app as of now.

    This is to caution that don't confuse these apps with skill improvement apps like ZeppGolf, Swingtalk as they are used with their hardware to enhance the golf swinging skill, where as the below explained apps are more of golf news & utility apps.

    2.   PGA Tour:

    Stay up-to-date on tournament news and stats while browsing tips and tricks to make you a better golfer, regardless of your skill level. Embrace your favorite tourney while improving your knowledge of the game at Mgi.

    Apps: PGA Championship 2018, PGA Tour

    With PGA Championship 2018, you have the ability to customize your alerts so you’re only getting the tour information you actually want. Plus, there is also exclusive content available to you, including videos and photos you won’t see anywhere else on the internet. And daily coverage keeps you in-the-know at all times. In the past, PGA Championship 2018 had issues with saving and customizing alerts for player stats, but this is not something I have experienced recently.

    PGA Tour

    If you want the most up-to-date PGA tour information with real-time leaderboards, player-personalized scorecards, and live tour coverage, PGA Tour is the one to beat. As the official PGA app, you are able to catch up on all the best golf moments with highlights and recaps as well as get access to the tour schedule for the entire tournament. However, because there is so much information involved, PGA Tour may take a little while to load when you first open it.


    Ah, you’ve made it to the end! Thanks for reading through my review of best golf apps currently on the market. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of these and I think you will too. In case you’re curious, I’ll go ahead and link the website with the Top 10 list I used to find these apps. 

    If you love all-things golf, whether you’re an avid player or you just like to keep up with the sport whenever possible, I highly recommend you look into these apps. I’m certain you’ll be glad you did. 

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