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    Himalayan Pink Salt Health Benefits of Dehydration


    Dehydration of body is a frequent phenomenon which can also prove deadly at occasions. There are several reasons of dehydration in human body often it remains unknown to us. Often the symptoms are mild so one remains unaware of this cause. Things come out clear when one visit the doctors or have some medical tests on feeling slight uneasiness, physical fatigue or anything like that. We explained that Himalayan Pink Salt Health Benefits of Dehydration.

    What actually Dehydration refers to?

    Dehydration not only refers to the deficiency of fluid in body but has widespread meanings. It also refers to the deficiency of electrolytes and ions in the body that result in disruption of various metabolic processes occurring in the body. It is often seen that dehydration symptoms also appears in the persons who drink a lot of water and fluid on a daily basis. They suffer from the condition because they have electrolyte and ions deficiency in their body. Isotonic dehydration that is a mixture of electrolyte and fluid deficiency is mostly experienced with obvious symptoms .The symptoms are treated by electrolyte replacement drinks that are mostly expensive and are also avoided by many health conscious individuals. 

    Symptoms of Dehydration:

    Some common and obvious symptoms of dehydration are a headache, hypotension and increase heartbeat, fatigue, swelling of the tongue, blurred vision, light headedness, dry skin, and loss of appetite, fainting and delirium. Hydration mostly occurs due to diabetes insipidus, vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, fasting, excess sweating, or as a result of infectious diseases like cholera and gastroenteritis.

    Cure Dehydration with Himalayan Pink Salt Electrolyte Drink:

    However the dehydration can be cured with the intake of mineral rich potion, Himalayan pink salt is the best solution to cure the body dehydration. Himalayan pink salt is 100 percent pure salt extracted from the Himalayan mountain range containing 84 plus mineral ions that are naturally part of human body.  You can make the homemade electrolyte drink at your home by adding the Himalayan pink salt in it.

    • 1 Qt of water
    • ½ tablespoon of baking soda
    • ½ tablespoon of Himalayan pink salt
    • 2 tablespoon of sugar

    You can add your favorite beverage or fruit flavor to make the electrolyte drink taste well.
    Mix the ingredients well homemade electrolyte drink is ready to consume, it will not only heal up body dehydration but will also prevent the dehydration symptoms in the coming future if consumed frequently or on a daily basis. Besides the electrolyte deficiency can also be controlled if Himalayan Pink Salt is replaced with the ordinary table salt available in your kitchen for cooking.

    Hydrate Your Body with Himalayan Pink Salt Bath:

    Dehydration can also be cured and prevented by having Himalayan salt bath occasionally. Besides, dehydration the body it will also render many essential benefits to human beings like skin and body detoxification, fatigue and stress reduction.  All you need to do is to mix 2 cups Himalayan salt with 2 cups of Magnesium-rich Epsom salt in a bathtub.  The salt bath will dehydrate your body besides; it will also make you enjoy many health benefits along with 

    About Author: Syeda Bushra Anjum who author has been engaged in writing contents on health benefits that the natural and pure salt renders to us. She also has been writing the content on conservation of nature and environment.

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