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    How to Download Movies on Netflix on Laptop, PC or MAC?

    Everyone loves streaming TV shows and movies on Netflix these days. But what if you wish to download those shows or movies to enjoy them later during your journey or free time? Can you download Netflix on laptop? No matter where you are planning in advance for your long flight or just want to avoid that lagging issue, there is good news for anyone looking for ways to download Netflix movies or TV shows on the laptop. 

    But you must know that not all TV shows or movies are available for download, and you will have a limited amount of time to access them. Keeping everything aside, you can watch the shows or movies offline from your laptop in addition to your tablet or phone easily.

    How to Download Movies on Netflix on Laptop, PC or MAC

    How to Download Movies on Netflix on Laptop, PC or MAC?

    1.  Set up an account on Netflix 

    In case you are not a Netflix user, you can sign up for a free trial period of 30-day easily. All you have to do is enter your email address and some basic contact information with an Invalid credit card detail. With just a few pieces of information, you can get a Netflix account available for free usage for 30 days. However, if you are just interested in the streaming section but not the DVD and Blu-ray mailings, you can get your Netflix account between the price range of $9 to $16 per month, depending on the type of resolution and number of screens you choose.

    You must know that each Netflix plan differs in the content streaming quality and the number of people using the account simultaneously from different devices. Moreover, the number of devices using your account significantly affects the downloading of content for offline viewing. In case you and your brother want to watch the same episode of a TV show for viewing later, you have to go for a standard plan or a plan higher than that so that you can each save the episode and watch it later.

    2.  Download the Netflix app for your operating system

    How to download Netflix on pc? Generally, suppose anyone wants to watch movies on Netflix from the computer or desktop. In that case, they can simply log in to the Netflix account from any browser like internet explorer or Google Chrome. However, when it comes to downloading a movie or TV series, one needs to do it from the official Netflix app. So, visit the Windows app store and search for the Netflix app subscription available for your operating system.

    Note - How to download Netflix on MAC? You must know that there is no Netflix app available for downloading or watching on a MAC operating system, but you can find the Netflix app in your apple store for your iPhone or iPad.

    Once you have installed Netflix on your Windows, make sure that it is updated to the latest version. For this, you need to

    • Click the start menu of your laptop.
    • Click the Netflix app there.
    • Choose the Download or Update option as required.

    If there is an update required for the app, your computer will begin with the process automatically.

    3.  Set quality preferences

    To change the settings or set the desired playback quality, you need to-.

    • Look for the menu icon on the programs left side.
    • From there, search for the app setting.
    • Now, under the download option, click on video quality.

    How to download Netflix on laptop? Two options of standard or high quality are available there. In case you have paid for the basic version, then your laptop will download the TV shows or movies in SD quality. While if you have paid for a higher service level, it completely makes sense to change the settings to download the shows in the quality you prefer.

    In case you have no issue in watching low equality or have data restriction with your broadband plan, you can go further to choose the standard definition. Otherwise, prefer the high definition for the best experience.

    The smaller file size is the most prominent reason to choose a standard resolution. In case you are willing to download a lot of files before leaving for your trip, then it is better to choose the lower resolution as the content can get downloaded on a laptop quickly. In contrast, if you have enough time, make sure to do testing with two episodes of the same TV show and compare their display and resolution on your laptop. In case you have a larger screen laptop, then the lower quality file will appear fuzzy or pixelated to you. Therefore, it is better to download one content in high resolution and one in lower to see which one will let you enjoy the playback in a better way.

    4.  Search the movies or TV shows you want

    While there are some movies or TV shows on Netflix that aren’t available for download but there is a lot you can download easily. To see which TV shows or movies are available for download, go to the menu button present at the upper left side, and from there, select the “Available for Download” option. The shows or movies you find with a download icon will be a downward pointing arrow.

    Tip - If you find you are unable to download a movie or TV series that is supposed to be available when you need to see that someone else using the plan has not saved the content for offline viewing on a single screen plan. Moreover, you must also ensure that your laptop has enough storage for the content to download.

    5.  Save the movie for viewing later

    Once you have found TV shows or movies you want to download, click on the download button to save files on your laptop. The shows will be downloaded in the quality you have set in your user setting, so you need to see that you have chosen the correct setting before you begin the process. Now depending upon factors like your internet speed, the playback quality, the file will be downloaded somewhat between a few minutes to hours.

    The Netflix app requires the user to save the content in the same drive the app has been stored, which generally is the laptop hard drive. So, you cannot download the movies on your USB device or SD cards.

    6.  How to Download Movies on Netflix to Watch Offline

    The biggest advantage of downloading Netflix on a laptop is the offline viewing option. Once you have downloaded your favorite TV show or movies, you can click on the My Downloads option of the app to watch them anytime. Once done, you can delete the show to clear the storage. Also, you need to know that once the show is removed from Netflix for streaming, the download will be unavailable for you. Therefore, it is better to pay close attention to when the TV show or movie leaves the service to ensure that you never miss your chance to watch them in your comfort.

    How to Download Netflix Shows for Offline Viewing

    Once you are done downloading Netflix on your computer or laptop, you can enjoy a wide range of content, both online and offline. Therefore, having some great TV shows or movies installed on your device will ensure you can watch them later whenever your Wi-Fi isn’t working or your flight is delayed.

    With this option, you can enjoy your favorite shows on your laptops' bigger screen with more powerful speakers and better resolution than mobile devices. Generally, all of the Netflix original movies and TV shows are available for download, so you will never fall short of content options.

    Key Takeaways

    Now that we know how you can easily install and watch Netflix shows and movies on your laptop, it is better to start searching for the shows you want to watch. Don’t forget to set the ideal settings for your downloads as it's the only way to enjoy your favorite films or shows. In case you have followed all the steps mentioned above but still are unable to download movies, it is better to get in touch with an expert and let them check the problem. The professionals will immediately identify the problem and can offer you the right solution on time.

    Author bio: Mr.Ravi Sharma who is CEO of Webomaze - professional SEO Company in Chandigarh, is a highly enthusiastic entrepreneur. He is a fun-loving personality and a strong adventurer who periodically tracks to discover adventure in different places.

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