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    How to Solve content://com.android.browser.home/

    People rarely use computers to browse the internet these days. Smartphones and tablet devices have enough computational horsepower to let users browse the internet without any limitation. While mobile phones usually open mobile phone optimized websites, many tablets open the actual desktop version of the website. A suitable browser app is required for the device to browse the internet. Developers with the help of android app development services are constantly creating newer browsers for phones and tablets to further improve the internet browsing experience for the users. In this article, we have derived valuable information regarding how to solve content com android browser home.

    How to Solve content://com.android.browser.home/ ? (updated)

    How to Solve content://com.android.browser.home/

    Setting a default browser:

    There are several internet browser apps that are there for mobile devices. Some devices come with more than one browser preinstalled on the device. Additionally, you might download a separate browser of your choice while keeping the previously installed ones intact on your phones. In such cases of multiple browsers, you need to set one browser as default according to your choice. This is necessary if you want to quickly browse the internet or in order to set an android browser home page.

    How to set a default home page:

    Once you have set your default browser then you can proceed to set a default home page. A default home page or android browser home is the first page you see when you open up the browser. You can set it to anything you like according to your ease and convenience. You can either do it through the settings menu of the default browser or use the content browser home command. Both of the methods are easy and can be done by yourself. However, if you feel you are not being able to do it then you should hire an android developer online. Here are the two methods of doing it.

    1. Via Android development settings menu in browser:

    a) First open your default browser app on your phone.

    b) Go to the menu of the browser. It is usually located in the upper right corner of most browsers.

    c) Here scroll down until you find a settings menu. Click on that.

    d) You will find another menu list on clicking that. Here search for the android developer setting option. Click on it when you find it.

    e) Under that go to the general tab where you will be able to find the set homepage option.

    f) Enter the URL of the website you want as your homepage and confirm it. Additionally, if you keep it blank, a blank page will open every time you open your browser.

    Note: You can use this method only if you have developer settings android 7 or above.

    2. Using Content Com Android Browser Home command:

    How to Solve Content Com Android Browser Home? If you feel that the previous process was too long and tedious then there is an alternative for you. You can simply go to your default browser and in the URL address box type the following command “content://com.android.browser.home/set” and put the website URL there. If you feel this is too complex for you can always hire android expert in order to android home page solve.

    Websites that are commonly kept on default homepage:

    While you can keep almost any website on your default browser home page, it would be better if you would keep websites that you frequently visit to save up on your time. Here are some suggestions for your default homepage.

    1. For Facebook: Many users prefer the browser version of Facebook instead of the app. The advantage of doing this is to save up on phone storage and to also reduce too many notifications and interruptions. To do this you can simply use the content://com.android.browser.home/facebook login command to set Facebook as your default home page.

    2. To readily access bookmarks: Making your browser open directly to your bookmark page can be really convenient. All the websites you have bookmarked till date can be shown on your home page. To do this simply type in the content://com.android.browser.home/bookmarks command and you will find the bookmark page open when you launch the browser next time.

    3. Blank page: If you like to open into a fresh page every time you launch your browser, you can always set it to blank page.


    Browsing the internet using mobile devices have been easier now than ever before. You can set your own default homepage on the browser of your choice provided it is your default browser. In case you are not being able to do it by yourself, feel free to hire android developer to help you through the process. We hope you can get the right information regarding how to solve content com android browser home.

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