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    Surprising and Unique Uses of Hand Sanitizers

    Hand sanitizer is what we call one of the greatest gifts of technology to human mankind. One drop of solution and your hands are suddenly free of all the germs and bacteria. In addition, not to forget, what convenience! Can be used anytime, anywhere, where soap isn’t available to wash and clean your hands. Just a small pouch or handy bottle in your purse and you’re ready to go germ-free.

    However, do you know that it’s not the only use of hand sanitizers? This technological innovation has proven efficacy for several other reasons, besides hand-cleaning of course. Let’s look at some of the other “useful” things you can use a hand sanitizer for.

    Surprising and Unique Uses of Hand Sanitizers

    Surprising Ways You Can Use a Hand Sanitizer:

    1.      To remove marker stains:

    Are you tired of washing clothes, which have marker stains on them, all thanks to your toddler? Well, worry no more. You can now use a hand sanitizer to make those clothes stain free. In addition, even those made by a permanent marker!

    How it Works:

    a. Squeeze a few drops on the edges of the stains and then spread them all the way in on the whole cloth.
    b.  Leave it on for about 5-10 minutes.
    c.  Rinse it off.
    d.  Always do a color-check on a small area of the fabric. A hand sanitizer may discolor it.

    2.      To remove dark marks on light-colored shoes:

    How many times we’ve scolded our kids for getting dark scuff marks on their shoes during play? Now hand sanitizer can work wonders.

    Follow the same steps as above and get rid of all scuff marks on shoes, making them look new as ever.

    3.      To clean household goods:

    All your kitchen appliances like sinks, faucets, countertops, refrigerator, or mixer-grinder can be wiped clean with just a few drops of hand sanitizer solution. It helps get rid of dirt, leaving your goods shining clean. What’s more, the solution evaporates so fast that it can be comfortably used even for cleaning your keyboard! You can buy hand sanitizers in bulk quantity and store at your home so that it is always available to you whenever you need it to clean household goods.

    4.      To remove sticky labels:

    They are a real nuisance, running the beauty of your expensive crockery and cutlery. The best way to remove them is using a hand sanitizer. How? The alcohol content in the sanitizer helps detach the adhesive in the glue of the sticker.

    How it Works:

    a.       Just add a few drops on to the area and leave it on for a few minutes.

    b.      Take a coin and scrape off the label. Try it on bumper stickers too, it works!

    5.      To remove hair in growth:

    Tired of waxing your arms but not able to remove those in-grown hair? They just don’t seem to go with shaving or waxing. Now hand sanitizers will work on these. What’s more, they serve a dual purpose by working on in-grown toenails as well.

    How it Works:
    a.       Rub a few drops on the affected skin area and let it on for a few minutes.

    b.      The sanitizer will disinfect the area and remove all bacteria causing the area to swell up (due to in-grown toenails).

    6.      To remove bad body odor:

    Now hand sanitizers can even substitute for deodorants! Say you need to go to a party and you suddenly realize you’re out of deodorant. What luck! There’s no time to rush to the market of course at the 9th hour. What do you do? Use a few drops of hand sanitizer. Its bacteria-killing properties makes it an ideal replacement.

    7.      To treat zits:

    The alcohol contained in the hand sanitizer helps in quick healing of zits and acne by drying them up faster.

    8.      To remove paint stains:

    Got your home fresh painted but can’t get rid of the stains on floors and countertops? Try hand sanitizer for quick results. This works on paint brushes too so you can store clean brushes for subsequent use.

    9.      To prevent itchy mosquito bites:

    This is incredible. People with small kids at home would agree how they often keep complaining about mosquito bites from previous night itching them all day long the next day. Try it on the affected area. It really works!

    10.  To sanitize your makeup brushes:

    Pour a few drops on their bristles and leave them to air dry. They are perfectly sanitized for next use.

    11.  To clean windows and mirrors:

    A perfect solution to make them sparkling clean in a jiffy.

    12.  To clean spill stains from baby car seats:

    Again a favorite with moms who find it difficult to clean up all the mess their babies make gobbling up in their car seats. Use a few drops and wipe clean to see some amazing results.

    13.  To clean up fingerprints from refrigerator:

    Yes, it’s one of the best cleaning solutions for literally everything under the sky. It even helps get rid of fingerprints on stainless steel! All you have left is sparkling clean cookware and dishes.

    14.  To polish your silver:

    How you wish your silverware never turned the ugly black it is now? Your wish comes true with just a few hand sanitizer drops. It removes tarnish on silver in just a few seconds.

    15.  To dry shampoo your hair:

    Dry shampoos have literally done away the need for shampooing and blow-drying when you’re short on time. But what if you’re out of dry shampoos too? Try hand sanitizer instead. It works just as well, leaving your hair as good as freshly-washed.

    16.  To wipe a public toilet seat before using:

    This you’d definitely want to try. How many of us dread using one for fear of UTIs and all sorts of infections?  Now you can sanitize the seat by just wiping off a few drops and use it worry-free.


    Hand sanitizers are as it is great to protect your hands from infection before putting them in your mouth. Now you can try them in several other ways and clean up everything around you. Just a few drops is enough to make these things shine longer. 

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