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    Why to use WhatsApp Messenger API Integration Services?

    WhatsApp has more than 1.5 billion users across the globe. As one of the most famous apps used by people, the app has many features that enable rich and real-time interaction between users. Taking forward the advantage of using it as a communication channel, developers have introduced WhatsApp Business app for small, medium and large scale business enterprises. 

    Enterprises can connect their existing systems and databases to Whatsapp using the WhatsApp Messenger API integration services provided by numerous companies. These companies offer a platform for enterprises to use the single REST API to connect with more than 30 communication channels.

    Why to use WhatsApp Messenger API Integration Services?

    Send messages to users using the pre-approved templates or session messages depending on the specifications of the business. Most enterprises use a mix of both messages to provide enriched customer interaction experience. Send promotional, informational, and transactional messages to customers in bulk. Personalize messages and schedule recurring campaigns to promote a product or a service. 

    Set Automated Messages:
    o Set welcome greetings to greet the users. Use Quick Replies to reply faster to repeated questions and queries. 
    o Create Bots
    o Create and build chatbots to respond to user messages. These bots will instantly send a reply to users and keep the chatbox alive. This will help the support staff keep track of all the live conversations and respond to them. 

    Customize the Assistant:
    o Customize the profile by adding a display picture of the enterprise. Use the brand logo, business picture, etc. that will help customers relate to the products and services easily.
    o Add additional information in the description. Include the address of the business, the website, email id, list of products and services offered, etc. 
    o Use the name of the enterprise in place of the username in the app. Verified accounts will have the registered name of the enterprise displayed to users in small letters (unless the users save the number in a different name).  

    Switch to Live Chat Mode:
    o Use web panel or the mobile app to send and receive messages. 
    o Switch between chatbots and support staff when responding to user messages. 
    o Make calls, engage the users and turn the conversation into a transaction within the same chatbox. 

    Marketing and Sales:
    o The WhatsApp Messenger API integration helps in marketing the brand. Promotions do not have to be explicit like using ads and other promotional tools. 

    o Promotional Messages
    Use the rich and real-time interface to send images, audio and video files, documents to users. Promote the launch of a new product or a service. Or, re-introduce the existing products by giving offers, discounts, and special offers. 

    o Informational Messages
    Include the product details for users to understand the product. Educating the users will make them aware, thereby prompting them to make a purchase. Add clickable links in the messages to facilitate purchases. Make it easy for users to buy the products. 

    Customer Service:
    o Faster Troubleshooting
    Identifying and resolving the problem areas is easier as users can share the details of their complaint using images and other media files. This will enable the support staff is going to the root of the problem and solving it in an effective manner. 

    o Data Security 
    The end to end encryption for individual messages keeps the data secure at all times. The enterprises will have to save the phone numbers of users in a database and link that database to the app to be able to send messages. The procedure has been thus set by developers to ensure that each message sent can be encrypted to provide data security

    Dashboard and Technical Support:
    o The companies provide complete technical support to enterprises in maintaining the records of messages sent, updating the systems, and keeping the database new with the latest phone numbers of users. 

    o The services provided by companies are reliable and some of them such as Gupshup have ISO 27001:2013 certification for the standard and quality of services they provide. 

    Enterprises from various industries have requested early access to WhatsApp Business and have started using the app as their main communication channel by using the services provided by Gupshup.

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