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    How is Web hosting Managed by WP Engine?

    Modern-day Webhost providers are more specific when it comes to satisfying their clients need. They understand the requirements of the client’s website and offers hosting solutions. Among several hosting types, WordPress hosting is something peculiar, which is highly recommended for people who looks to host blogs or personal site.

    Almost every host providers offer this highly beneficial WordPress hosting solution to their clients who look to host their CMS based websites. Let’s dig more about WordPress hosting in the upcoming sections. 

    How is Web hosting Managed by WP Engine?

    What is WordPress Hosting?

    Well, if you are running a website or a webmaster, then you might be well aware of the WordPress platform, which is the most powerful and scalable platform that allows its users/webmasters to any type of websites.

    On knowing the importance and growing demand over the WordPress platform, several host providers are offering dedicated WordPress hosting services. In general, WordPress hosting differs from the normal hosting types because it will optimize the server and other related files according to the platform. With such WordPress hosting, users or webmasters no need to be aware of any technical details. All those processes will be taken care of by the WordPress platform and by the server-side.

    Opting WordPress hosting for your WordPress will eventually increase your site performance and up-time. In addition, it will decrease the occurrences of hosting-related errors. Webmasters/site owners have several options when it comes to picking WordPress hosting. Below section will elaborate the WordPress hosting options.

    WordPress Hosting Options:

    1. Managed WordPress Hosting: Under this type of hosting, the host providers will have full server control. With that control, the host carries out the optimization and maintenance on behalf of you.

    2. Dedicated WordPress Hosting: Under this type of hosting, the host will offer full server control to you and your site can utilize unlimited server resources.

    3. Shared WordPress Hosting: Under this type of hosting, several websites hosted on the same server and shares the server resources among each.

    4. VPS WordPress Hosting: For site owners who look for solid hosting, VPS WordPress hosting would be the best option. Although it shares the virtual server space with other sites still it offers isolated server resources to each site without any compromise.

    WP Engine WordPress Hosting Solutions:

    While picking suitable hosting plans for your WordPress site you need to aware that the WP Engine has all the server-oriented bases covered by its own. In addition, WP Engine will optimize any type of hosting accordingly to the best performance of the WP website.

    Although, several host providers are offering WP Engine Managed WordPress hosting, picking the most reliable and trustworthy hosting company just like the eWebGuru is essential to avail better site performances. eWebGuru offers top-notch WordPress hosting solutions along with Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) certificates, which is hard to find among many host providers in India.

    What makes Managed WordPress host as The Best?

    If you are looking for the features Speed, reliability, greater performance and worry-free hosting solution for your WordPress site, then opting for the managed hosting with the WP Engine would be the best option.

    In the hosting industry, you can find many host providers offering WordPress hosting solution and promises of delivering the best-managed WordPress hosting solution for your site. However, most often they fail to keep their promises while delivering the best. Picking the reliable host providers just like eWebGuru might work best for your site performances and growth. Here are the few attractive features one can avail with the WordPress hosting solution offered by the Indian based hosting company eWebGuru.

    Managed hosting made easy: Hosting solution offered along with the WP Engine by the eWebGuru removes all the hassles and headaches of the webmasters/users on hosting their WP site. The enterprise-level tech support team of eWebGuru will take care of all those hosting oriented issues.

    Blazing fast site speed: eWebGuru delivers conveniently and efficiently updates offered by WP Engine to its CMS platform. Owing to that, sites hosted at eWebGuru are faster than sites hosted on other platforms.

    Over 150 million attacks blocked daily: By picking hosting solution at eWebGuru, you no need to worry about all those technical glitch and malware attacks on your site. The expertise technical team will safeguard your site from such attacks and glitches.  

    Scale your site easily: Webmasters/Users can avail enterprise-level scalable features from eWebGuru WordPress hosting solutions. Regardless of the site’s size, webmasters/users can scale the server resource to maintain the maximum site performances.

    Managed WordPress Hosting Vs Regular Hosting:

    Many might suggest you about hosting your WordPress site with regular hosting wouldn’t make any big changes. In the case of personal sites and small services vending sites, it would be a big deal and regular hosting might be working perfectly. However, for the heavy dynamic site developed under the WordPress platform, opting WordPress managed hosting would be the right option.

    In reality, the managed hosting is highly recommended since you will pay for what you utilize. Besides, in managed hosting, you have the option of extending your server resources at any time without any hassles. Here are the few benefits, which can be availedby picking managed WordPress hosting for your WP sites. 

    Managed WP hosting keeps WP site running fast and secure
    Managed WP hosting costs low when compared with regular hosting
    Managed WP hosting gives assured low downtime when compared with regular hosting

    Why eWebGuru?

    The Indian based hosting company eWebGuru is one among the most reliable hosting solution provider for the past 10 years. They are the best in offering Managed WordPress hosting solution in India, along with features like Server Caching, Site Cloning, CDN, Railgun, Free SSL, Premium WordPress Themes, Elasticssearch WP-CLI, Brotli compression, SFTP, GZIP and so.

    With the unlimited database and 99.9% guaranteed uptime, the managed WordPress hosting of eWebGuru starts at Rs. 1,295/year, which is highly affordable and cheap in the Indian hosting industry.

    Bottom Line:

    Hosting your WP website in managed WordPress hosting would be the right option for gaining the best site performance. At the same time, consider about picking right host provider just like eWebGuru hosting company for availing better hosting solution for your WordPress site.

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