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    Watch Fact: It’s Not A Watch If Not Swiss

    You can’t talk about watches and not mention Swiss-made brands. A luxury watch does more than tell time. The ideal watch should match your taste, look great, and work efficiently. When looking for a high-end watch, origin matters significantly. Switzerland is well known for some of the best luxury manufacturers in the world. In fact, watching making is what the Swiss are known for apart from tourism. Read on to discover why it is not a watch if it is not Swiss. 

    Watch Fact: It’s Not A Watch If Not Swiss

    Technical and aesthetic quality:

    Regular watch buyers choose a name over classification. Smart buyers go an extra mile to determine its origin. Swiss watches are manufactured from the finest materials and impeccable craftsmanship to produce watches worth your buck. These watches are a true embodiment of technical and aesthetic quality driven by continued innovation. Swiss watchmaking process is guided by stringent protocols to maintain the quality that Swiss watches are known for. All products go through rigorous testing to ensure quality before hitting the market. 

    Elegant and classic designs:

    Apart from impeccable quality, elegant and classic designs are second nature to Swiss watches. The watchmakers have a distinct style to play with the sophisticated taste backed by brilliant designs while making the exceptional timepieces. With a movement mechanism that fascinates everyone, Swiss watches have meticulously finished parts. The movement in these gems is already part of the art. You will always appreciate the careful thought and exceptional artistry impacted into the designs of Swiss watches. 

    Personal status:

    Genuine Swiss watches in NZ are beautiful and impressive to highlight your personal status. Adored by the affluent, this watch will make you a class above the ordinary. Stepping out wearing a Swiss watch will sum up your wealth and personal status. A vintage and exclusive Swiss timepiece tells people that you are doing well in life. This is a trick to earn respect and admiration from everyone. 

    Premium metal:

    Swiss watches are made with higher quality metal compared to their regular counterparts. Watchmakers in Switzerland use real 316L surgical steel to design amazing timepieces. This metal is resistant to scratches and any dent can be easily polished out. The surgical steel for Swiss watches takes and retails polish well to make your watch always looking like new. Additionally, the metal for Swiss watches resists rust to avoid corrosion to give you good value for the price tag. 

    Handcrafted parts:

    A regular watch has mechanical innards inside that make up 1/3 of the total cost. Swiss watches come with handmade parts, pieces, and metal gears made with high precision. You believe this when it comes to regular watches. These usually have plastic gears that wear out much quicker than metal gears in Swiss watches. Plastic gears are less likely to be replaced when broken lessening the watch useful life. Luckily, metal gears in Swiss watches are durable and easily serviced to keep them working much longer. 

    Links and case:

    Swiss watches come with a steel link and case making them heavier compared to regular counterparts. This is a benchmark to tell whether your watch is genuinely Swiss made or a cheap replica. Some regular watches are made with rolling steel. This might cause a scratching feeling when wearing the watch. Additionally, the steel of a regular watch might make a rough spot on your wrist from rubbing. The lesser metals for regular watches might even corrode the watch’s band. 

    Timepiece is a keepsake:

    When in the market for a timepiece that will outlive generations, you can go wrong with a Swiss watch. These have a reputation for living beyond the owner’s lifetime for their exceptional quality. This explains why a brand like Patek Philippe uses the tag line “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely take care of it for the next generation.” This testifies the durability that goes into owning one of these wonderful timepieces. 

    Things to keep in mind before buying a Swiss watch 

    Know your style and taste:

    Swiss watches come in various designs and designs to match everyone’s taste. These watches are ideal for conservative, adventurous, and feminine. There is always a Swiss watch to match your preferences. When not sure of your style, you can always opt for a classic Swiss watch for its timeless appeal that will outlive generations and defy trends. 

    Reputation of a dealer matters:

    The best way to purchase a Swiss watch today is online. However, ensure to buy from a New Zealand store. This lowers shipment costs and returns costs in case you are not contented with what they deliver. Buying from a local supplier is highly recommended since it is easier to vouch their reputation. In case there is a misunderstanding, dealing with a local supplier is easier than one in another country. 


    When looking to buy a watch, look no further than a Swiss brand. These timepieces are handmade to high precision with high-quality steel for products that will become keepsakes. 

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