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    9 Reasons Why You Should Learn Japanese

    In the current global scenario, learning Japanese can open a world of opportunities for you. Japan is the world’s third largest economy, larger than Germany and United Kingdom and the Japanese language is the ninth most widely spoken language in the world. 

    That being said, it is no surprise that Japanese is a preferred language for many who are planning to upgrade their skill. With a widespread diaspora and even wide acceptance, it is advisable to take up a full-time Japanese Language Course if you want to read and write like a local. Not convinced yet? Read this article to know why you must consider learning the language.

    Reasons Why You Should Learn Japanese

    9 Reasons Why You Should Learn Japanese

    1. Gain international opportunities:

    Japan has strategic working relations with a lot of powerful countries in the world, including United States. Therefore, it is critical that you speak fluent Japanese if you want to work in their thriving economy as well as industries. By being fluent in Japanese, you can gain deeper understanding of Japan as a country and as a culture. 

    2. Prepare yourself for a better future:

    Japan is a stable economy with many job opportunities coming up in the future. By learning this language, you gain a definitive edge as not many people learn this language. Once you gain proficiency in Japanese, you can increase your professional value and also your job prospects. In fact, you will have less competition in terms of opportunities available in fields like business, social sciences, technology, humanities, journalism etc. But most importantly, you can work as a translator for private companies or government departments if you can speak both the languages fluently. 

    3. Understand Japanese culture:

    Speaking the local language is the quickest way to get an insight into the traditional and local practices of a country. By learning Japanese language, you will get exposed to their history, martial arts, culture, fashion, and entertainment. You will also be able to enjoy their art forms such as dramas, movies, books, anime etc. At the same time, learning Japanese language will also make you value your own culture because a new language skill will develop communication as well as cognitive skills. Learning about a culture that is different than yours will enhance your awareness and tolerance for others. 

    4. Improve your academic skills:

    When you are learning Japanese, you improve your learning and cognitive skills that can be applied to other areas of life as well.

    5. Work as an English teacher in Japan:

    Many bilingual people in Japan are working as English language teachers helping locals brush up their English skills with a native. Some of these proficient language experts are also hired by local Japanese organizations who can stay and teach in Japan for a year and earn handsome salary while traveling in a new country. 

    6. Learn more about Asian cultures:

    Japanese history is an amalgamation of many Asian cultures such as China, Korea, and India. Although they are different from one another, they do have common roots and similarities that you will be able to recognize when you learn their local language. From aesthetics to religious beliefs, they have a lot in common. In fact, learning Japanese will make it easier to understand Korean as well because their grammar is quite similar. Even Chinese writing system will become easier to understand once you learn Japanese. 

    7. Gain access to advanced technology:

    Japan is an economically successful country with reliable scientific technology and creativity. They are leaders in various technological fields such as fermentation process, manufacturing, robotics, electronics, optical media etc. They are highly creative and inventors of many new technologies. By learning Japanese, you can be a part of their growing technical field and open up job prospects in their country.

    8. You will be able to travel easily:

    By learning the basics and essentials of Japanese language, you will be able to travel in Japan easily. You don't really need to be fluent but it is helpful if you are as you would be able to indulge in long conversations. Plus, the locals will appreciate your effort in learning their language. 

    9. Get higher education:

    If you are planning to study in Japan for your higher studies, then learning the local language is not only advisable but also necessary. While your course program may be in English, you would see that knowing the local language helps you get by on a day to day basis. You can even make your application stand out by mentioning Japanese as additional skills. 

    These are just a handful of many reasons why you should consider learning Japanese. However, if you decide to embark on this journey, you must ensure that you are fully committed to the language. For best learning experience, join credible learning institutes only. 

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