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    Practical Ways to Keep Visitors Longer on Your Website

    When you set up a website, you probably hope to make conversions from visitors to the site. You may have even hired the best web design agency in UAE because you believe the profits you get, will make it worth the effort. There, however, is a hurdle because research shows that the majority of visitors will visit and never return to a website. This means you have just one shot at getting them to see value in whatever you are offering.

    There is yet another hitch, most visitors will not stay long enough for you to make a pitch or to impress them so that they can be converted. It, therefore, will take a lot more effort to be able to justify the expenditure on the best web design agency in UAE. Here is some comforting advice to keep visitors longer and hopefully convert them.

    Practical Ways to Keep Visitors Longer on Your Website

    Keep Your Promise:

    One of the reasons visitors leave a site almost as soon as they get there is that they do not find what they expected to find. 

    So many sites make a promise in their headline, but the content is different from what they say they will deliver. For example, imagine if you saw the headline “How to Get Visitors to Stay Longer on Your Website” but when you click on the link, you are directed to a gambling site instead. You would be angry and immediately leave, wouldn’t you? It is important that you live up to your headline’s promise. 

    Ensure Fast Loading:

    Another turnoff for many visitors is the page loading speed. If they are going to spend more time watching an hourglass spin than getting the content they are looking for, they will not last long on that site. You might have the right content that someone is looking for, but if they cannot get to it in a few seconds, they will never see it. You would need to do a number of things to ensure that your pages load fast. Image size and videos are some of the reasons a page may take long to load. Attend to those along with other features that may slow down your website. 

    Make the Site Scan Friendly:

    Most visitors online do not take the time to read every word on the page, they are looking for quick information so they will just scan through the content. It takes expert web designing techniques to ensure that when someone scans through a page, they can get the main points and hopefully get enticed to stay longer or at least make a purchase or take some kind of action. If you are not familiar with making your content scannable, you can seek the help of the experts.

    Engage the Visitor:

    Related to having a scannable websites the ability of the website to engage the visitor. You need to be interesting enough for them to stay. Video content has proven to be effective in keeping the attention of visitors, so have images. If you are able to say what you want to tell the visitor in a video, then, by all means, do that, or you may want to maintain a good loading speed so the use of images may be better. Remember you have about 5 seconds to make an impression so do it as impressively as you can. 

    Catch Them on the Way Out:

    It is possible to use pop-ups that appear as a visitor tries to exit the page. These popups can make one last attempt at enticing the visitor to remain on the page or to remain in contact with your website. Waiting until the guest is living is effective because you do not interrupt them as they are viewing whatever interests them on the website, but as they leave, you can have a targeted campaign popup. It could be encouraging them to sign up to your newsletter or to take advantage of a one time only offer. These are tried and tested so you can count on them. 

    Direct Them to More Interesting Content:

    Even after a visitor may have signed up to your newsletter or engaged with a support agent, you still have an opportunity to keep them longer on the site. The thank you note that they see when they are done can be used to make recommendations to visit other pages that may be of interest to them. If they showed interest by subscribing, there is a chance they will be interested in other content before they leave.

    While you implement all of these strategies, do not forget to have a call to action. Let every content end with a call to action so that even if the visitor just scans through the page, they will find the call to action and hopefully they will take that action which will result in conversion eventually.

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