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    7 Ways to Increase In-App Purchase

    In-App purchases provide the ability for businesses to provide their apps for free and yet still make revenue. If you are involved in mobile development in Dubai, you probably would like to gain from your app and you also need the money to keep it running.

    Well, there are ways that you can increase the revenue you earn from in-app purchases. We will consider a few key strategies you can employ so that your mobile development in Dubai proves to be lucrative in the long run.

    7 Ways to Increase In-App Purchase

    Create a Social Media Buzz:

    One of the best places to create hype and influence people is social media and that is usually where people that love technology can be found. But even if they do not love technology, most people on Social media have been bitten by the “Fear of Missing Out” bug commonly referred to as FOMO. If they think other people are doing something fun, they also want to be involved. Capitalize on this and create a buzz that will draw people to your app and eventually make in-app purchases.

    Reward Loyal Customers:

    Do not take your current customers for grunted, make them feel valued and encourage them to come back. A loyalty program would do that effectively. Have a system where each time a customer purchases through your app, they are awarded points which later accumulate and they will get a gift or a “super discount” this will give them an incentive to keep on coming back and will also encourage other people to start coming to your app to make purchases. The power of a well thought out reward program can never be underestimated.

    Let Existing Customers Market the App:

    This is closely related to loyalty programs. Existing customers can be encouraged to introduce new users through a referral program. Here, every time that they introduce a new person to the app, they will get rewarded, it could be a small percentage of the profits got from purchases the new user makes or points that accumulate until they can get a gift or whatever creative idea you come up with that can make referring new users worth the effort. The thing is, usually people will tell friends about something good they found, so rewarding them for that will even increase their enthusiasm.

    Entice Them to Join Premium:

    Most apps have a free service and a premium service. The premium service is usually paid for and that means it would offer a different experience. Make your premium experience worth the spending. The user needs to feel that having the free service is not enough and they should upgrade to premium. Even before they make that switch, there should be something that entices them. It could be a short trial period of the experience, video clips or offers that are enticing like ad-free, uninterrupted use of the app.

    Do Not Forget Those Whose Attention You Already Have:

    Your website already has visitors who are probably interested in what you have to say, use that opportunity to tell them something that will drive them to your app. The website is a good place to place offers for discounts on your app. The discounts can even be for services provided on your website or for third-party advertisers on your app. It is probably easier to win over people on your website than strangers on social media. Also, do not forget friends and people within your network, let them know that your app exists and that there are great offers.

    Stay Relevant:

    One of the reasons revenue may drop is because users fail to see the relevance of the app after some time. You need to avoid that at all costs. Push notifications are a great way to maintain relevance. Stay in touch with your users and keep them informed about new developments to the app as well as offers. Of course, it is important not to become too frequent, sending too many push messages that will annoy the user. Make sure the notifications are relevant and timely so that the user will keep on using the app instead of uninstalling it when they need space for a new app.

    Localize the App:

    This is a branch of staying relevant, you can do this using geofencing. With the user’s permission, you can track their location and then share with them relevant information based on where they are, for example, if they are at a shopping mall where one of your advertisers has a store, they would receive a notification informing them about offers at that store.


    It will take a degree of creativity to be able to come up with ways to make good revenue from in-app purchases. The tips provided above a tried and tested and they have worked for many businesses. You do not have to limit yourself to just these, you can also come up with other strategies.

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