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    Debunking 6 Myths About Formal Wear

    Attending a formal event requires dressing appropriately. There is usually a set dress code for everyone. To save you the trouble of looking for what to wear, this article is going to debunk some of the common myths regarding formal wear. Perhaps you have been used to hearing these from the people around you. 

    This is no time to play the blame game. These people didn’t know the truth like you. Myths are hard to dispel since they become popular wisdom with time. Debunking these avoids making style mistakes and making bad purchase decisions. This is what this article is here for. By the time you finish this article, hope you will have realized the truth regarding formal wear. 

    Debunking 6 Myths About Formal Wear

    1.  Black is ideal for formal events:

    A black suit is a favorite choice when dressing for a formal event. Luckily, black is the classiest color for such an event. However, other colors look good on formal events including grey, blue, and brown. A black suit doesn’t go with everything contrary to popular belief. Black is the least possible versatile color. Keep in mind that most people associate a black suit to funerals and formal events. To avoid a boring mood, you can choose a blue or grey suit to a formal event. 

    2.  Matching shoes with buttons:

    There is no need to worry about matching your shoes with the color of your buttons on the blazer. You just have to focus on getting shoes in the right color that matches well with the suit. To complete your look, get a belt matching the color of your shoes. For those particular about matching the shoes with the suit buttons, the solution is to change the buttons on the suit. This is where investing in a bespoke suit from the best tailor in Dubai  is a great idea. You will have a chance to choose all the features of your suit including the buttons that match your shoes. 

    3.  A tie matching the pocket square is elegant:

    This is a wrong belief that has spread among people everywhere. Matching the tie with your pocket square isn’t elegant at all. You are likely going to be the major topic in conversations behind your back for a negative reason.to appear nonchalant by cutting a natural look requires not trying so hard to appear elegant. Overdoing your effort to look elegant isn’t a good idea. You are going to leave people wondering how much time you spent getting ready for the event.

    4.  A tuxedo is the most ideal:

    Only wealthy people usually go to various formal events. Most people believe the tuxedo is the most appropriate outfit for a wedding. The truth is that you can wear a suit to a formal event and look elegant. A well-chosen suit is a highly versatile substitute for a tuxedo any day for any formal event. Investing in a bespoke suit is a smart idea and you always appreciate taking the plunge. 

    You will have various opportunities to wear the bespoke suit than you imagined. A nice suit is ideal for other occasions apart from just formal events. Buying a tuxedo when on a budget is a waste of hard-earned money. You should only consider wearing a tuxedo over a custom suit when insanely wealthy with enough to spend. 

    5.  Keep things simple:

    Stop blaming yourself for not pulling off that ideal look. There is no need to believe that it is not just your style. You can’t know anything before trying it. There is a high possibility that you can pull off that look. The best way to discover other styles that make you look elegant is by trying new things. You just have to try out different styles of clothes and you might just pull off a stunning look. Like noticed above, you don’t have to try so hard to look elegant. Just dress in a suit that makes you feel comfortable when going on a formal event. 

    6.  Looking good takes time:

    It takes about 20 minutes for about 99 percent of men to get up, take a shower, eat, and dress up in the morning. There is not much time to invest in looking good. It is true that you need time to know some essential things. However, having some decent quality items in the wardrobe and some bespoke suits tops the list. It does not take time to select the ideal shirt to wear with your suit. Having some selected items handy is the trick to get a stunning look. 

    Bottom line:

    With enough said, now is the moment to check your wardrobe for something that will give you a stunning look. Debunking popular myths about dressing for a formal event will make you a better dresser. Always try something new. Don’t listen to an inner belief that says that it won’t work. You might actually end up looking good. Always have an open mind while experimenting with textures, shapes, and colors to make your personal style come to life. 

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