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    Fashion Boutique Games for Girls

    Many people are fashionistas at heart. And given a chance to establish a new fashion boutique or launch their own clothing line, they would most likely seize the opportunity without question. Luckily, there’s a way for you to pursue your passions if you dream of making it big in fashion but can’t right now: by playing video games.

    Nowadays, fashion boutique games are available to allow players to explore their creative sides and pursue their dreams of becoming the next fashion mogul. If you’re interested in these games, then check out some of the best picks below.

    Fashion Boutique Games for Girls

    1.  Fabulous - Angela's Fashion Fever:

    Help Angela achieve her dreams of becoming the next top fashion designer in this linear 90-level game. Fabulous - Angela's Fashion Fever is very similar to Diner Dash, the Delicious game line, and others. If you’ve played any of the aforementioned games before, then you won’t have trouble mastering this one in a jiffy.

    Fabulous - Angela's Fashion Fever is basically a “time-management” game. Your tasks mostly involve serving customers in the fashion retail store as quickly as possible, helping them try outfits, giving useful fashion tips, ringing them up, and restocking the shelves, among others. There are also mini games within the game wherein you get to design your own line of clothes.

    2.  Fashion Star Boutique:

    But if you prefer being in the designing end of fashion, then Fashion Star Boutique might just be the right game for you. This game basically lets you become the owner of a startup fashion brand, and your job is to make your clients happy by designing clothes they’ll need for parties or carpet events.

    Not only will Fashion Star Boutique give you options regarding clothing templates, decals, patterns, zippers, buttons, and what-not, but it will also help you sell your designs in the virtual shop. In short, it will allow you to explore your creative side as well as help you develop selling skills.

    3.  Love Nikki-Dress Up Queen:

    While fairly newer than the other games on this list, Love Nikki-Dress Up Queen is nevertheless one of the best boutique fashion games you can have today. Based on the favorite Asian game Miracle Nikki, it mostly centers around the titular character Nikki and the dresses you can put on her.

    Love Nikki-Dress Up Queen is more than dressing up Nikki, however. The gameplay also involves a storyline you need to follow (it is completely voice acted, of course), competitions and free-dressings, various stores where you can buy virtual clothing for Nikki’s wardrobe, special arenas where you can face off other players, and time-limited promos every few couples of weeks.

    4.  Star Girl:

    Star Girl is a game that enables players to simulate life as an aspiring fashion model. Basically, you create an avatar, take on the persona of a well-known celebrity in the game’s universe, and work your way to the top (i.e., through modeling, singing, and acting jobs).

    You will also go on dates with several celebrities (several of these are parodies of real-life celebrities like Will Smith, etc.), and they will give you three gifts in return (which usually happens to be rare clothing items). And there are also a few mini-games within Star Girl as well, including ways to earn money and get clothing items, a Bejeweled or Candy Crush knock off, and a spin-the-wheel game.

    5.  Covet Fashion:

    By far, however, Covet Fashion is the top pick on this list. Considered the best fashion game in both Google Play and iOS App stores, this game allows you to dress up models of different shapes, sizes, and skin tones. It is a favorite among fashion enthusiasts because it features clothing and accessories from real-life fashion brands, even those sold by Karats Kansas City. And aside from their clothes, you can also customize the models’ hair and make-up.

    Covet Fashion dishes out differently themed challenges to players, complete with special requirements to dress up models and options to win in-game cash and other goodies. It also has Fashion Houses, a feature that allows you to interact with other players and win special prizes. And the game has a wide variety of clothes for you to choose from (with new pieces added daily).

    The Takeaway:

    Making it big in the fashion industry will take time, effort, and resources. Through the boutique games mentioned above, however, you don’t need to invest $10,000 to create a new clothing line or start a fashion retail store. Instead, just get your laptop, tablet, or phone, start playing one or more of these games and turn your creative side on.

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