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    Discover Latest Dental Implant Technology 2019

    It is about 4 decades that the dental implant technology has been introduced and it has emerged as a revolution for the dental industry and vastly enhanced the domain of cosmetic dentistry. 

    The dental implants happen to be a great way for the patients to replace the missing teeth and restore their smile. By opting for implants dentists not only make an attempt to enhance the patients’ aesthetics but they also offer the protection to the patients’ health by deterring additional tooth loss or loss of bone. 

    The dental implants are a huge industry and are on track to be worth around 4.4-billion-dollar industry globally by 2020. Research has brought to light the fact that almost 70% of the adults have lost at least one permanent tooth between the age of 35-44 years and almost 27% of the adult population will have lost all of their permanent teeth by the time they are 74 years old. 

    In order to help patients to avoid this, the dentists must be capable of utilizing the latest developments in oral technology and making scientific use of the cutting-edge materials that are emerged today.

    Discover Latest Dental Implant Technology 2019

    Latest Dental Implant Technology 2019?

    1.  How Dental Technology is Progressing Towards the Future:

    History tells us that stones, seashells, metals were used by the ancient civilizations for replacing the missing teeth for at least 5000 years.  The dental implant technology, thankfully, has come a long way since that. 

    Here is a quick review of how the dental implant technology is progressing towards the future. Just take a look.

    2.  Zero Bone Loss and Quick Recovery (Post Implant Placement):

    The zero-bone loss is becoming more and more a reality as far as the implants are concerned. Now the CAD-CAM or computer aided design and manufacturing can be utilised to create replicas of teeth that are non-salvageable that are prepared to be implanted as soon as the teeth have been taken out.

    The best part for the patient is that the healing process is completely free of symptoms. The procedure offers the best possible treatment plan in the least possible time that is greatly enhancing efficiency for the dentists in the process. 

    3.  Fast Procedure of Implant Placement:

    The new dental technology has significantly improved the dental implant process. As a result of that, patients do not have to wait for an eternity for replacing their missing teeth. Nowadays the dental posts and the dental crown can be placed in just 1 visit. With the immediate implants, you do not have to wear a fake temporary cap while waiting for healing of the implant or live with a teeth gap till your implant is ready.

    No doubt, this is becoming an increasingly popular segment in the orthodontic and dental care industry. With the help of the ICAT machine, your dentist gets ready for your implant surgery with the help of a 3D imaging.  They plan for same-day procedure through the virtual mock-up of your mouth that eliminates the need of gum cutting for finding the bone. This ensures less pain and fast-paced recovery for the patient with no need of a follow-up visit. The implant still needs time to heal but that is done with the crown attached so that your quality of life does not have to take a blow. 

    4.  The Mini Implant Procedure for Affordable and Surgery-free Replacement:

    The Mini dental implants are new addition to the dental care industry. They are affordable and least invasive dental implants. These implants not call for the cost and time associated with traditional dental implants. The mini implants are smaller diameter-wise (around 2 mm wide) and are primarily used for stabilizing the lower denture.

    These are ideal for patients who cannot withstand the pressure of going for a full-fledged surgery or are seeking a more inexpensive option to restore their teeth or don’t have sufficient jawbone for support.

    5.  Save Time and Money:

    The advanced digital dentistry has proved to be beneficial for everyone involved in the treatment plan for collaborating more efficiently. The CAMLOG system brings together the software for digital planning, surgical techniques and a recommended Guide System for achieving the ideal implant placement for the patient.

    Even though the digital solutions call for an initial installation cost, but using this digital counterpart is a proven way for improving work flow efficiency and ease the collaboration with labs which saves both money and time. 

    The above are some of the latest dental implant technology innovations that the reputed dental implant clinic in India houses and utilises so that patients get the best treatment within the shortest span of time and dentists can also implement their expertise in an enhanced manner coupled with advanced technological help.

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