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    Sabarimala Virtual Q Booking Online / Site

    Sabarimala Sree Ayyappa Temple is a standout amongst the most antiquated and outstanding Sastha temples in the nation. Situated in the Western Ghat mountain scopes of Pathanamthitta district in Kerala, Sabarimala Sri Ayyappan or Dharmasastha Temple is one of rare Hindu temples in India that is wide to all faiths. 

    The place of worship of Sabarimala is a standout amongst the most remote hallowed places in southern India yet despite everything it attracts three to four million pilgrims every year. Enclosed by mountains and solid forest Sabarimala is believed to be the holy place where Lord Ayyappan meditated. Maybe the best known holy trip destination in Kerala is Sabarimala. 

    Sabarimala Virtual Q Booking Online Site (சபரிமலை யாத்திரை)

    Sabarimala Lord Sri Dharmasastha  or Lord Ayyappan Temple is the most popular and conspicuous among all the Sastha Temples. It is trusted that "Parasurama Maharshi" who recovered Kerala from the ocean by throwing his axe, introduced the symbol of Ayyappa at Sabarimala to venerate Lord Ayyappa.

    The holy pilgrimage starts in the month of November and finishes in January.

    The temple attracts holy pilgrims not only from the southern states of India, as well as from different parts of the nation and abroad. The holy place gets thronged with ayyappa devotees importantly during the main holy pilgrim season from the month of November to the month of January. 

    Especially Mandala Pooja and Makara Vilakku are the two special events of the holy pilgrim season.

    A holy pilgrim joining the Mandala Pooja should observe austerities for 41 days (1 mandalam). During these period, the pilgrim should abstain himself from non veg food and carnal bliss.

    Pilgrims set out in gatherings under a group leader (guru samy), and each carry a cloth bundle called Irumudi kettu containing conventional contributions and traditional offerings. 

    Sabarimala Virtual Q Booking Online / Site (சபரிமலை யாத்திரை), (ശബരിമല തീർത്ഥാടനം):

    Screenshot of the Sabarimala Virtual Q Booking Online System Below:

    Screenshot of the Sabarimala Virtual Q Booking Online System

    Sabarimala Virtual Q Booking Site / Official Website: https://www.sabarimalaq.com/

    A virtual queue system to visit the holy sabarimala temple during the pilgrim season has been started.

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