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    5 Reasons Your Next Family Trip Should Be to the Caribbean

    Planning a family vacation is both an exciting prospect and an overwhelming challenge. Obviously, you want to take your loved ones on a brand new experience, but there are so many logistics to work out and aspects to try and ascertain before arriving on the other side of the world. 

    I mean, with almost 200 countries to choose from, how do you know where best to take your family? 

    To help you with the decision, here are five reasons your next family trip should be to the Caribbean.

    Next Family Trip Should Be to the Caribbean

    5 Reasons Your Next Family Trip Should Be to the Caribbean

    1.   The Family-Friendly Beaches:

    For all visitors to the Caribbean, the beaches are undoubtedly the biggest draw. No matter where you choose to visit — Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Grenada — all of the islands offer some of the most incredible stretches of sand in the world. 

    In fact, Antigua and Barbuda alone has 365 beaches — one for every day of the year! 

    The best thing about the beaches in these countries is that they are (for the most part) incredibly family friendly. Children are welcomed on the shores as they are safe and there are rarely dangerous currents. 

    2.   The Exciting Excursions:

    Anyone who has traveled with children in the past knows that one of the most challenging aspects of planning the trip is ensuring that there are enough activities to keep the children entertained and engaged. Luckily, booking a holiday to the Caribbean means plenty of options for signing your family up for fun excursions. 

    Depending on the age of your family, on these islands, you can opt to go swimming with stingrays in the wild, go snorkeling, kayaking or scuba diving. Off the coast of some of the islands are wrecked ships that can be explored and that make for the ultimate snorkeling adventure.

    Whatever you decide to do, you are almost guaranteed to have fantastic weather as many of the islands boast great weather all year round. This is a crucial factor to keep in mind when picking a destination for your family vacation as it means that you have a smaller chance of having to stay locked up in your hotel room during your holiday. 

    3.   The Cuisine:

    For many families, one of the main reasons they can't wait to go to the Caribbean is to explore the food scene. No matter what ages are in your traveling group, there is always something exciting about having the opportunity to experience a different way of eating. 

    The best thing to do is to rent a car and zip around the island trying out lots of different options for food. Enjoy your morning coffee on the beach at the hotel and then go for a long afternoon lunch at one of the many incredible international-class restaurants such as Catherine’s Cafe on the south coast of Antigua (see #1). 

    After a day of exploring the island, opt to sip coconut water straight out of the shell and then devour specialities such as guava and sweet Bimini bread, conch fritters, and other fresh seafood. 

    In fact, when you are in the Caribbean, you need to learn to love fish, as it is a household specialty. No matter where you dine, every menu is going to have a vast selection of fish, conch, or other fish dishes. But do note that these are some of the freshest offerings in the world! 

    4.  The History:

    While the beaches, the potential activities, and the cuisine are often what initially draw families to this part of the world, the history and the culture of the region are what keep people returning. 

    From museums to old plantations, historic homes and local creatives who are keeping the native arts alive, there is plenty more to do, see, and learn from this region. 

    5.   The Wholesome Hotels and Resorts:

    The Caribbean is known for its incredible hotels and resorts, and for a good reason: They are some of the most welcoming and comfortable accommodations you could find. 

    Many of these hotels and resorts are incredibly family friendly and offer all kinds of special deals and packages for families, which may include free breakfasts, free stays for kids and a welcoming gift. The best hotels have children's areas or centers, or organized activities to ensure that you as parents can also have a vacation. 

    One thing you will notice, whether it is in your resort, in the restaurants you opt to dine in, or from the locals you meet on the streets or during activities, is that this is an area of the world that prides itself in its people’s kind nature and welcoming aura, two things that make a big difference when you are traveling with your family. 

    And, if you want to keep returning...

    After your first trip to the Caribbean, there is a very high likelihood that you will be looking for ways to return again and again. If this is the case, you may be interested in learning more about getting a second Carribean citizenship. 

    There is an abundance of benefits that come with obtaining a second nationality, only one of which is being able to return with your family to this beautiful area of the world as often as you desire. 

    Have you ever been to the Caribbean? Are you considering a family trip there? Why or why not? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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