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    A Handy Guide To Applying For A Canadian Family Visa From The UAE

    Canada has a successful immigration history. The country welcomes millions of people looking for opportunities for themselves and their families, so they can lead and enjoy a better life. It still continues to accept immigrants through its well-developed immigration programs.

    Recently, Canada made changes in its immigration policies to make it a lot easier for applicants to immigrate. Whether you want to migrate on a skilled visa, immigrate through a business program, or sponsor a family member, the opportunities in this country are endless.

    Applying For A Canadian Family Visa From The UAE

    If you are in the UAE and you want to apply for a Canadian family visa, your sponsoring spouse; conjugal or common-law partner must be a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen. Here, an immigration company shares tips on how to apply for a Canadian visa from the UAE.

    Canadian Family Sponsorship

    Canada is devoted to reuniting family members. So as part of their immigration programs, the government department handling all immigration matters allows Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their spouse, dependent children, and parents.

    Permanent residents and citizens of Canada have the right to bring their family members from other countries and have them legally live and work in the country. Their family can even become Canadian citizens later on.

    Spousal Sponsorship

    It is crucial that the spousal partner is immigrating to Canada because of the sponsor and not because of the applicant’s desire to work and live in the country. Proof of genuine relationship is crucial, which can be demonstrated through a marriage certificate, frequent communication, and joint agreements.

    Same-sex partners are also eligible for sponsorship as long as their marriage was legally recognized in the country where it took place.

    Dependent Children

    Permanent residents and Canadian citizens can also sponsor their dependent children under the age of 19. However, children who are in a spousal relationship are not eligible. Proof of relationship is crucial.

    What You Can Do

    Aside from being successfully sponsored, there are other important things you need to do so you can fly to Canada.

    You might be required to take the International English Language Testing System or IELTS exam because this is part of the migration application. Take note that recently, there were changes made to the IELTS score requirement for Canadian immigration.

    If you are a dependent child, you need to undergo a medical and criminal examination. For those who have a criminal record, they can be prevented from entering Canada. As for the medical examination, applicants must be examined by a physician approved by the Canadian government. And when the examination shows a contagious medical condition, this can be grounds for no-admittance to the country.

    Why Work With Immigration Consultants?

    Immigration consultants can help you apply for a Canadian visa from Dubai. They can make your dream of moving to Canada a stress-free and easy reality. With their years of experience, they can give you peace of mind and valuable assistance so you can avoid mistakes that could make or break your application.

    Author Bio: Bevan Berning is an Immigration professional and owner of Pathway Visas, an Immigration Agency dealing mostly with skilled immigration to Canada and Australia. Bevan’s enthusiasm for the industry has kept in the Immigration field for the past seven years. Bevan is South African by birth and has been residing in Dubai for the past eight years.

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