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    Top 8 Best Music Making Apps for Android

    Not being able to play or sing in this year which is no barrier to creating music for pleasure. You can now make one thanks to the generation of tablet and smartphone applications intended at unlocking the creativity of musical beginners. 

    They are not about making you famous, but rather about unleashing our tribal, ancient instincts to create music instead of just listening to it. 

    Here are the top 8 best music making apps for android to download music. You could also use this app if you want to know what music is prowling inside your head waiting to be released.

    Top 8 Best Music Making Apps for Android

    1.  Figure


    This application, available only in iOS, is the work of one of the most reputable tech/music companies, Propellerhead Software. Their tools are utilized by a lot of professional musicians. However, Figure is for everybody. It is an application that lets you make electronic loops using lead melodies, bass, and drums, with no required prior knowledge. Also, you could check out and remix other loops of people, and share your creation.

    2.  Sing! Karaoke

    Sing! Karaoke

    Sing! Karaoke is a free application with In-App-Purchases available for iOS and Android users. Smule, an American developer, is at the lead of the effort to get more individuals sharing the music-making procedure. This is an app for home-karaoke musicians. You could scream along to a huge list of tracks. You could also even duet with other users. For you to access anything, you will be required to pay a $2 monthly subscription. You have also the chance to sing virtually with famous stars and could be your springboard to stardom.

    3.  Ninja Jamm

    Ninja Jamm

    Ninja Jamm is a free application with In-App-Purchases available for iOS and Android. The app was released by groundbreaking label Ninja Tune as a way for people to begin creating music with samples from musicians including label founders Coldcut, Mr. Scruff, and Amon Tobin. You could buy sound “packs” from individual musicians, they create or remix new tunes as you want. It is easy to begin using it. And, you will get more confident with a lot of depth to explore.

    4.  GarageBand

    This application is available only for iOS devices and costs $3.99. There is a desktop version of it and a lot of working musicians use it. However, the iOS version is also an amazing musical application for beginners. Stringing together piano, guitar, bass, and drums to make your music is simple, especially with the “smart” instrument feature. However, the difficulty-arch into doing unique and exciting stuff is judged well too. 

    5.  Magic Piano

    Magic Piano

    Magic Piano is a free application with In-App-Purchases available for iOS and Android devices. This is the 2nd app Smule created. This application wants you to play together with a variety of classical and pop music on a virtual piano. This includes broadcasting your efforts to other individuals throughout the world. It also even lets you duet with singers from the Sing! Karaoke application. It is an amazing stress-reliever app, even if you have no intention to learn how to play the piano.

    6.  Loopimal


    This application is only available to iOS devices for around $2.5. This is the only application in the list that is aimed specifically at kids. However, it would deliver a huge smile to the face of their parents also. It is a character-based, colorful sequencer for children – they drag colored shapes into a specific location on a timeline to start various sounds and animations for the animals on display. At once, they could have around 4 track music tool where the “tracks” are an octopus, a sloth, a pig, and a gorilla. The app is adorable.

    7.  Scape


    cape is only available for iOS devices for around $9. The app does not let you make the music since the music is making itself. It is a “reproductive” music application created by artist Brian Eno and his good partner Peter Chilvers. Scape makes ambient sounds by letting you choose position shapes and backgrounds on them. It is a brilliant working music app. It is also an exciting insight into the area of reproductive music.

    8.  Music Make Jam

    Music Make Jam

    This app is available for iOS and Android users for free. The Magix Music Maker series has a long story before the tablets and smartphone age. However, it has made the journey well. The application lets you arrange samples and loops – as well as vocal recordings of your own – into songs. There is a list of samples to select from. 

    In this article, we hope music lovers can get the best music making apps for android.

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