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    What to Wear to Work and Office Outfits Ideas?

    New job, new office, new look! Work is not just an economic issue and talented, but also a question of image. So here are some tips to unleash the dilemmas that plague all people who are wondering what to wear in the office.

    Maybe you are convinced that what matters is work and dedication, preparation, passion, all very important things, but not only that. How to dress for office? Even the eye wants its part, have you ever heard this saying? I guess so, yes, and I hope you know that besides being a way to say it is also a sacred truth. To this respect a proper dress code for each event, place or event is important.

    What to wear in the office

    Then of course beyond appearance it also takes preparation and everything else, but those cannot educate you myself. I will only give you the right advice to choose the right clothing to show off at the office outfits ideas and answer the usual question of who is staring at the closet wondering "what to wear to the office?”.

    What to wear to work or office today? Women have a wide selection of clothing and accessories, but not all are good to show up to work and often what in fashion is a piece of must-have clothing is strictly forbidden to travel to the office; to give you an example, think of the shorts, cropped pants, here with those never introduce yourself at work!

    How NOT to dress in the office 

    Is absolutely and strictly forbidden to come to the office with too bold necklines and skirts (shorts) too short; you are going to work, not to make achievements! I know it's a past fashion, but do not you dare to present at the office with sweaters, tops or shirts that discover the navel just to highlight the piercing! It is the same with the hipster, unless violate to show everyone that intimate wear...

    The heels are welcome, but avoid walking on stilts without end, ergo no to heels that are more than 12 centimeters (which are already too many but for those who are sitting at a desk is not advised). In summer, avoid absolutely flip-flops, you are not going to the beach! And let at home even sneakers. 

    Prohibited also too sporty look, that leaving it in the bag, the suit you wear only when you arrive at the gym.

    No transparent clothing that highlights forms and intimate (which is hopefully, at least this, sober and non-fluorescent or worse still not coordinated!).

    And now let's see what you can wear, specifically what it is allowed to wear in summer and winter.

    How to dress in summer the office

    Is not easy because in the summer is easy to undress rather than cover up and often you are likely to show up at work and deadwood rather undressed. How to dress for office? I have already briefed on what is absolutely forbidden to wear in the office, so we look at just the right clothing.

    How to dress in summer the office

    They are perfect in a summer suit, light sheath dresses with medium / wide strap, bandeau top to wear with absolutely shrug short sleeve, non-transparent shirts and strapless tops but with high collar, which leaves uncovered back.

    The skirts must reach at least above the knees (not higher!), the pants are always good. Even the jeans you wear, the important thing is that they are not torn and that they do not wash too whimsical.

    Open shoes are obviously fine, as long as your pedicure is perfect otherwise forget. The neckline and open toe are always the best solution.

    How to dress for winter office

    Work outfit ideas? Always prefer the shirts in the fall, and when the air becomes colder match them in wool jackets. The jumpers must never be too flashy and let loose sweatshirts.

    They are perfect in these cases complete, so it is essential to have in their wardrobe of the twin set and some suit; go well both jacket and skirt combinations, both jacket and pants, in this case choose the kind that makes you feel more at ease. In the winter are beautiful tweed suit, by the way much alive in this winter 2017 (see photo). Jeans too, as in summer, are welcome, provided they meet the regoline I have already given you.

    How to dress for winter office

    There will limit with shoes. Etiquette requires that the office does not wear open shoes and I do not think you want to brave the cold in winter. The sneakers are always prohibited. 

    The jewelry are always good, breaking up the monotony of the clothing, so enjoy as much as possible but do not be never excessive.

    Even the makeup and hair play a key role, ergo you prefer a natural make up and place the impeccably hair.

    If you follow these tips you will always be at the top!

    Author bio: Ketherin Jonsson is a Fashion Stylist and fashion Blogger based in Texas, United State, offering an extensive variety of individual and women’s wear styling expert administrations to people and organizations.

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