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    Outstanding Benefits of Guest Blogging and Posting

    Guest blogging is considered as one of the best in-bound marketing strategies. Its benefits are incredible. If you’re able to target right sites with a great content, it can yield you 3 birds (advantages) for your one stone. Before knowing about those birds, let me explain in short what is guest blogging and guest posting (If you already know about this, move to the next section). 

    What is guest blogging?

    Guest blogging is the method of posting your content on external sites. In this process, you’ll approach external sites which accept guest blogs and send your content to them or you’ll only post it directly with access they provided.

    3 Outstanding Benefits of Guest Blogging that You May Not Know

    Why guest blogging and what are its benefits?

    As I hinted above, guest blogging brings you 3 tangible benefits. 

    1. Traffic and subscribers

    If you’ve a commercial site, for example, a site that is associated with mobile app development company Delhi, you can use guest blogging to bring in traffic to your site. If you’re a writer or have a dedicated content writer, it won’t be that much difficult for you to produce contents.

    You should have realistic expectations. You can’t expect a ton of traffic and subscribers with a single post, instead you should post content regularly and make readers loyal to your posts. It even helps you get a large number of email subscribers. For instance, blogger Giles Thomas could get 408 subscribers from a single guest post. Will Blunt’sone guest post on Hubspot brought him thousands of subscribers.

    2. Branding

    If your content is a comprehensive cake, it could be viral and people will intend to consume more same piece of contents by subscribing to it. Every guest post can either expose your work to new potential customers or reinforce your status as a leading business in your industry.

    You won’t see result overnight. In fact, it is a result of continuous effort of many high quality guest posts. Today all sorts of businesses, including mobile application development companies in India and USA, as well as web development companies are using guest blogging to take their branding to the next level. Check out here, WhiteLabelReviews.

    3. SEO

    SEO is one of the key goals that encourages businesses to produce guest posts. If we go 5 years back, SEO was the only reason guest blogging was used for. Nigerian blogger Bamidele increased his site’s SEO ranking by 38% with 31 guest posts posted in a week, in 2011. 31 posts in a week is a lot. But now you can’t think you can also post 30+ posts in a week.Google may penalize you for unethical SEO.

    Post around 10 to 15 contents in a week, which is more than enough to achieve the expected ranking. But prefer only high-traffic and high-authority sites, which will add more value to your effort. Otherwise, your effort would be vain. 


    If you know clear differences between PPC and SEO marketing strategies, guest blogging falls under SEO strategy. It yields you the finest SEO results in the long-run, unlike PPC in the short run. So now it is your time to create epic contents and benefit from guest blogging. 

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