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    Signs of Bad Parenting – How to Be a Good Parent Using Parental Control App?

    Kids are growing in an environment where everyone uses digital devices for hours. It is also a reason that our children demand tablets at a very early age. Young parents rely on their mobile phones and do not give proper time to their kids. We observed and got an analysis of bad parenting. Not only digital devices are ruining the proper growing period of the kids, but there are other reasons as well. 

    In this article, we will share the signs and impacts of bad parenting. 

    Signs of Bad Parenting – How to Be a Good Parent Using Parental Control App?

    Signs of Bad Parenting

    1 – Overreaction 

    Parents should understand the kids because they need them at every step of life. Some parents always overreact when their children make any mistake. In this way, the kids start to hide the thing from their parents. 

    2 – Never Motivate the Child

    Being a parent, it is crucial to encourage your kids. It is the only way they can believe in themselves. Unmotivated behavior is also a sign of bad parenting that discourages the child. It is also a reason that the kids lost the self-confidence. 

    3 – Prefer Phones Than Listening to Their Kids

    A survey shows that young parents reflect the bad parenting signs the most. They prefer their digital devices rather than listening to their kids. Their digital activities let them avoid their kids, and it leaves negative effects on the kids. 

    4 – Always Being A Strict Parent 

    Kids do not share their things with parents that are too strict. Parents must need to be friendly with their kids, or their children will stay away from them. When parents implement too many restrictions on their kids, they learn to break them.

    Our next section includes the consequences when parents become strict with their children. 

    Impacts of the Bad Parenting on Kids

    1 – Attention Seeker

    When parents do not give importance to their kids, they become attention seekers. They shout whenever their parents do not listen to them. Such a nature kid can give a tough time to the parents in the future.  

    2 – Groom by Others

    The digital world allows us to talk to strangers worldwide. When kids do no find anyone for help, then they look outside. Now, children use social media and build a strong bonding with strangers online. What If They Get in Touch with A Sexual Predator?

    3 – Kids Become Liars

    Strict parents do not allow their teens or kids to be their friends. They always yell at them at their mistakes. Whenever a child makes mistakes, he/she lies with the parents and does not reveal the truth due to fear. 

    Parenting isn't easy at this time. Parents must think about how to be true friends of their kids. Our young generation is tech-savvy and can get interacted with sexual predators through social media. Parents need to check on their kids what they do online using the best parental control app. 

    Be a Good Parent & Help Your Kids to Grow Safe in Digital World – Parental Control App

    Bad parenting can bring threats to your children that you can't even imagine. The very first fact to avoid bad parenting is to become a friend of your kid. The second fact is to monitor their activities using android spyware. 

    Install the best parental control app of 2021 on your kids' phones and help them be good cyber citizens. Parents can protect their kids while sitting at home. Such spy tools offer remote commands and allow the parents to record the screen, catch the surround sounds, spy on the camera, listen to call recordings, check social media profiles, read text messages & IMs, etc. Parents can check and control the screen time of kids android devices to help them grow safer in a digital world.

    How Can Parents Check Screen Time on Android?

    Today, every kid has become a couch potato, and they are not familiar with tech-free activities. Sport is crucial for physical health as it also leaves positive effects on mental health development. But excessive phone usage causes major issues, including neck problems, blurred vision, weak eyesight, poor sleep quality, etc. 

    Increasing physical and mental issues show us the red flags that it's time to set the teen's and kids' standard screen time.

    In every step of life, we can't succeed without a plan so How Could Our Kids Achieve Their Goals with Such Excessive Mobile Usage?

    Screen time is manageable, but only when you know the right procedures. Here, the first method is to use the built-in features on android phones, and the second one is the use of third-party apps compatible with the target device.

    What is Screen Time?

    The amount of time that a user spends on its digital devices, including mobile phone, TV, computer, Tablets, etc. is known as Screen Time.

    Many operating systems have introduced the built-in screen time feature. Now, it allows the parents to check the daily report about how many hours a kid spends on their devices.

    Screen time reveals if your child has become a couch potato. This feature is also available on third-party apps, like the parental control app. Such tools report the screen usage and allow the end-user to check the usage and duration of the app. 

    TheWiSpy is the best parental control app of 2021 which empowers the end-user to block or restrict the access of the apps that your child may use. 

    How to Unveils Screen Time on Android Devices?

    Power Usage is the best way to monitor the kids' screen usage without installing any third-party app.

    1 – Open the Settings

    2 – Proceed to The Battery.

    3 – Tap on the Three Dot Menu Button.

    4 – Check Battery Usage

    5 – Select Full Battery Usage

    6 – Active Screen Time Will Be Shown Through A Paragraph. 

    Using Built-In Features, Parents Can Only Watch Which Apps Their Kids Use and For How Long They Stay Active on Screens but Parents Cannot Take Control or Set the Screen Time. 

    Best Parental Control App – An Efficient Way to Capture the Screen Usage

    The TheWiSpy app requires installation on the target device. For once, the end-user must access the target phone to install the app. The next step is to activate the app on the target device with a license key. After the activation, the end-user can check the screen time on the android phones and manage the apps. 

    Block the Inappropriate Content 

    Your kid can find inappropriate content links on random sites. Remote tracking will let the parents know if they watch or interact with such adult material. They also can block such content through a control panel. 

    Limit the Screen Usage

    Too much screen usage can bring nothing but problems. Parents should limit the screen usage that will also help to let them enjoy non-tech activities. 

    Lock the Screen Remotely Anytime, Anywhere

    No matter where you are, you can lock the target device screen with remote commands. 

    Restrict Access to Social Media Sites

    Social media can make your kid sit for hours. We also should not forget that it is also how sexual predators use to target teens for predating. Parents should get help from third-party apps like TheWiSpy and restrict access to social networking sites. 

    Wrapping Up

    Bad parenting is like a nightmare for a kid because he/she needs the parents' attention, especially in the early years of growth. Parents must learn what are the signs of bad parenting and should eliminate such facts from their nature. 

    Parenting is not only the name of providing clothes, financial support, or studies, etc., but it also requires proper care and security from potential dangers. Parents can install TheWiSpyin on their kids' phones and remotely control their activities to guard them against online threats. 

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