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    Top App Development Company in USA & Worldwide

    Progressive app development has been on the rise for a couple of years, and it's only going to gain momentum in 2021.

    Over the years, developers have liked the whole idea of progressive web apps due to the hybrid benefits offered, i.e. leveraging native OS functionalities yet being accessible across platforms.

    Each year we see businesses coming up with new and refined progressive apps from a progressive web and top app development company in the USA and worldwide to take advantage of both native and cross-platform benefits with results pretty much traceable.

    Top App Development Company in USA

    Such a scenario indicates just one thing – businesses are going more mobile with three possible options of having a brand presence on mobile:

    1. Get a native app responsive towards iOS or Android respectively

    2. Have a mobile responsive website 

    3. Avail of a progressive web app in place

    Statistics say a lot about the rise in mobile usage giving rise to PWAs such as almost 45% of users like to access the web via a mobile browser, while 16% of users use the Google app to search.

    More than building a PWA, it is essential to get the right progressive and top app development company in the USA on board to do the job for you, and so let's have a look at the ten most feasible options in our opinion.

    Top App Development Company in USA & Worldwide

    • Azilen

    When looking at Azilen, it is not just a progressive app development company in the USA but even a product engineering company for enterprises since 2009, capable of converting technologies into customer value well versed in ideating, designing, and developing solutions emerging force.

    • Biz4Solutions

    When planning to opt for a professional company into progressive solutions, Biz4Solutions is the option to think of, having a whole team of highly skilled architects who have years of stellar experience in establishing complex solutions meant for both startups and enterprises.

    • Codica

    Codica is into progressive web apps from Ukraine very much passionate and technologically innovative delivering leading to visual, robust, and reliable products with an excellent grip on platforms like Vue.js, React, Angular, Ruby on Rails, etc. not to mention having an in-depth focus on progressive SaaS solutions.

    • CSSChopper

    CSSChopper is a company that can act as your leading tech partner with a competitive development edge on the forefront with dedicated services catered to global clientele serving custom based services to businesses worldwide.

    • Divante

    If looking for an expert progressive web apps development company then Divante is an ideal option especially since it is a recognized e-commerce solutions provider whether be B2B or B2C segment, and more importantly, the company implements the latest technologies to bring out unprecedented ideas.

    • FreshCode

    FreshCode is a progressive web application development company from Europe with roots way back in 2014. A team that is always motivation and goal-oriented backed by a range of IT service for all sized enterprises.

    • Nevin Infotech

    Being an ISO Certified company and a trusted name, Nevina Infotech as an Indian progressive web app development agency, based in Ahmedabad, has garnered positive reviews from clients over the years since its inception more than a decade ago with thousands of projects to their name.

    • Novateus

    Novateus is an all-round company providing solutions about IoT, mobile, web, and progressive solutions helpful in streamlining business operations to be more effectively efficient for helping clients with custom cloud, analytics, IoT, web, and mobile solutions.

    • PixelPlex

    PixelPlex is an award-winning company with a strong technical backing having expertise in developing solutions into the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) targeted for websites, apps, deep learning algorithms, machine learning, smart apps, and blockchain development, with more than ten years of industry presence guaranteeing end products to be engaging, intuitive, and seamless.

    • Rademade

    Internal is a group of companies and Rademade is a vital part of the exceedingly reliable group, especially with regards to offering complex IT solutions. The company is into progressive web apps development for a while now.

    Thinking of Hiring a PWA Partner?

    Now you know which progressive web app development company in USA and across the globe to approach.

    There are so many companies in this arena, but since discussing them all is beyond this article's scope, we have discussed the top ten of the list to help you make a wise decision in choosing the best selection from the lot.

    PWA development is so transparent and uniform that it is complicated for everyone, except for a progressive web app development company, to tell the difference between progressive web apps and native apps.

    Progressive web apps are reliable and fast, with an almost application-like experience for users, making it an ideal choice for businesses to shine.

    Moreover, they are supported across browsers, whether be Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and so much more making it even more worthy.

    Have you any progressive web and top app development company in the USA or elsewhere to discuss on this list?

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