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    50 Career Preparation Lesson Plans for High School Students

    Today we as a youth are aimless. A lot of students don’t know what they want to be after completing their studies. Their career becomes shapeless, though our education policy doesn’t hold rightly for a job.

    So career preparation lesson plans are an excellent way for this all. Here we discussed 50 career preparation lesson plans for high school students. You can use it to focus on it to shape your career. Also, everyone should read these career preparation lesson plans and everyone should know about it.

    Career Preparation Lesson Plans for High School Students

    50 Career Preparation Lesson Plans for High School Students

    1. Soft Skills Lesson Plan

    In every career preparation lesson plan, Soft skills take a major affecting position. One should have to learn a soft skill. These are non-technical skills that lead to your work. Enhancing your personality. Soft skills are personal qualities. It’s hard to explain in your resume. It may come more clearly during a personal interview or personal interaction. A few soft skills are communication skills, active listening, sympathy, and many more.

    2. Communication Skills Lesson Plan

    This should be included in career preparation lesson plans as these are required equally in every field. It allows us to understand and be understood by others. It helps us to listen to someone carefully and give your views confidently and you can criticize or support someone as well as comment on someone.

    3. Active Listening Lesson Plan

    Active listening not only helps you to get what someone wants to say but also helps you to prepare your views and you can criticize it. A good listener appreciates everywhere and a good listener also is a good speaker.

    Active Listening Lesson Plan

    4. Hard Skills Lesson Plan 

    Hard skills are technical knowledge or training that a person can get according to their choice. It includes mechanical knowledge and other studies related to knowledge. It is different from soft skills. You can add it to your resume to show your talent to others.

    5. Leadership Lesson Plan

    Today in every field a good leadership is required because it gives strength to your team and creates a bond with your coworker. Leadership plans enable us to lead our team. Either in business or company, it helps us in every field.

    6. Career Development Lesson Plan

    How do we prepare for our careers? This is the question that everyone has to face. A career development lesson plan helps us  to understand it. It helps us to focus on career development. Help us to make a plan for your career for their development.

    Career Awareness Lesson Plan

    7. Career Awareness Lesson Plan

    This helps us to get detailed knowledge of what kind of job is available for you and what type of job you can do. In this lesson, one can aware themselves about career and their awareness.

    8. Interview Skills Lesson Plan

    It helps students master their performance and make them ready for interviews. This lesson plan helps them to make a better personality, communicative skills, and behavior which help them for preparation for interviews.

    9. College Awareness Activities for High School Students

    For a better career, one should choose a better college with the help of better college and good guidance one can achieve their goals easily and can shape their future well.

    College Awareness Activities for High School Students

    10. Business Email Lesson Plan

    Today emails are used everywhere every business communicates through emails. So teaching the student to write a good email helps them to add a  feather to their cap. It helps them in the future to communicate with the employees easily. 

    11. Goal Setting Lesson Plan

    Always teach students about goal setting and the importance of goal setting to achieve your goal. One must set up their goal, not a goal we must have to learn to set up a smart goal for a better future and career.

    12. Job Application Lesson Plan

    Before applying for a job or interview you must have proper knowledge about the process of job and interview. We have to take a close look at the application for the job and interview.

    13. Job Search Skills

    In this lesson plan, students learn about the job and their places. How to find a job, how to find a suitable job where to search, and how to search. This is all included in the job search lesson plan.

    14. Resume and Documentation Lesson Plan

    In this lesson plan, students learn about the resume. How to make it and how to present it. What to mention it and what to not a clear-cut knowledge of documents and their use to be learned by students.

    Resume and Documentation Lesson Plan

    15. Telephone Skills Lesson Plan

    In this lesson plan, a student learns about telephonic communication. To manage calls at any time and to talk with respect properly with others.

    16. Telephone Communication Tips

    It is the advanced level of the telephonic lesson plan. In this lesson plan, one can learn about the tips that are used to communicate with others. A good manner and informative way.

    17. Personality Development Lesson Plan

    This lesson plan helps us to enhance our personality and to develop a personality that helps in gaining goals and to achieve success everywhere easily.

    Personality Development Lesson Plan

    18. Alternate Career Preparation Lesson Plan

    In this lesson plan, we can get knowledge about how to set an alternate career plan. Perhaps many of us don’t know how to set an alternate career. A person who isn’t able to get their job. In this case, an alternate career helps them to get a job.

    19. Influence in Language

    Whether you are an English speaker, or any other regional language speaker. Influence in a respective language is required. This helps us to create a better personality in front of your employer.

    Influence in Language

    20. Interest

    Everyone has an interest in different types of fields. One has to focus on their interest and do work on it. A person who does work according to their interest is more productive than others.

    21. Routine Making Lesson Plan

    A good routine can boost up our daily work tasks. Everyone should make routine and strictly follow it. It should be well organized and in a good manner.

    22. Behavior and Body Language

    As it says, the first impression is the last. So one should work on body language and prepare well-organized behavior. So the employer can settle your values from your behavior in their mind.

    Behavior and Body Language

    23. Public Speech Lessons Plan

    Whether you’re working in a big company or a small company. Public speech lesson plans help you to represent yourself or your company in places. It helps you to represent your identity easily.

    24. Working with Team

    When you work alone you can get success on your own but when you work with a team, you can create  a livelihood and make everyone successful. So working with the team required.

    Working with Team

    25. Nature and Behavior

    In every job and work your nature and behavior are noted everywhere. So as a person we have to focus on our nature and behavior for these few points is here…..

    26. Respect for Everyone

    The main quality of a successful person is their polite behavior and respect for others. One should respect everyone this helps them to create a better version of theirs.

    27. Be Expert in Your Field

    You should concentrate on your work and try to be an export when you become an expert in your field you start getting more opportunities in life.

    Be Expert in Your Field

    28. Choosing a Career

    Select a field that you like or you want to be a professional in that particular field. Be wise about choosing your field as it decides your whole future.

    29. Create a to-do list

    Sort out your extra activities and create a to-do list to keep an eye on your goals which may be short term or long term goals.

    30. Be Cooperative

    Having friendly behavior and cooperation with others helps you to achieve your dreams more conveniently.

    31. Think Twice Before Choosing a Profession

    Your profession decides your whole future. Choose a profession that you like or you want to be developed. Don’t be a copycat think twice before choosing the profession. 

    Think Twice Before Choosing a Profession

    32. Create a Progress Pyramid

    Being conscious about your stages of life. Create a pyramid with different labels of your progress. It helps you to look after your determination and achievement. 

    33. Take Consultation from Senior

    Experience plays a vital role in understanding life. The senior people are more experienced than you and know about the things you are going to do so take consultation from a senior person.

    34. Cover Letter Lesson Plan

    This lesson plan tells you how to create a cover letter. It is like a CV, it helps you to create an impact of yours in front of your employer.  Today when everything is presented and working on paper you can use it to show yourself.

    Cover Letter Lesson Plan

    35. Personal Mission Statement Lesson Plan

    Writing a personal mission statement. It helps us to create clarity about where were you, where are you, and where you are going. You can apply a suggestion at your present and you can learn from your past to make your better future.

    36. Workplace and Surrounding

    Wherever you are working. You have to make coordinate with your employees and in this lesson plan, students learn about how to live properly in any surroundings while working.

    37. Customer Service Lesson Plan

    In this lesson plan, students learn about customer service. How to create a customer for clients, how to behave with them. How to handle them and everything that is required for engaging with customers or clients.

    Customer Service Lesson Plan

    38. Health Lesson Plan 

    In this lesson plans students learn about health. How to be healthy, how to work on your health. This will help them to create a better personality because of a healthy body and a healthy mind.

    39. Typing Lesson Plans

    Nowadays we use email or other social media platforms to communicate with their clients. So typing plays an important part in delivering your thoughts or words to your customers or friends.

    40. Extra-Curricular Activities

    These activities are treated as negligible. But these activities help us to enhance our personality in our skills that can be used to make a better version of yourself.

    Extra-Curricular Activities

    41. Innovative and Creativity Lesson Plan

    Every student has at least one creativity skill. Try to explore yourself, find out your creativity, and try to innovate it. It will help you to succeed in your life and find out which thing you like most.

    42. Personal and Financial Well-being Lesson Plan

    Students should be well aware of their personal and financial condition. They should choose the carrier according to their financial condition. It will help them to achieve success without any problem.

    43. Problem-Solving Skills Lesson Plan

    It is one of the most important lesson plans, a useful lesson to learn how to tackle problems faced by us to preserve the technique used to solve a particular problem. It will help you defeat problems in the future.

    Problem-Solving Skills Lesson Plan

    44. Management Lesson Plan 

    Students will learn how to manage their school life with their social life. Try to manage them efficiently that will help you to represent yourself better in both phases of life.

    45. Sports Activities Lesson Plan

    You should manage your education with sports activities. It will help you to be disease-free and give you a healthy life and better productivity.

    Sports Activities Lesson Plan

    46. Interactive Skills Lesson Plan

    You should have a list of skills that you prefer and what you like most. It will help you to find which skills suit you better.

    47. Empathy

    Empathy is required in every field to understand the emotions of others. If your client is angry,  sympathy helps you to understand their emotion and you can help them to get rid of their anger. This helps you to make good relationships with others.


    48. Hard Labour and Determination

    In any field, two things are required always. Hard work and determination. With the help of hard work and determination, one can easily get success in their respective field.

    49. Approach and Step Taking Lesson Plan

    Always approach any things that you want. After this take the step as early as you can. For getting a better career one should do this. Finally, this is last but not least!

    Have Patience and Positive Thinking

    50. Have Patience and Positive Thinking

    With patience and positive thinking one can get a better career as well as a better future.

    We hope students get some valuable ideas from our article with 50 Career Preparation Lesson Plans for High School Students.

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