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    What are the best VR Headsets for PC

    VR headsets are of two types. Some are standalone, while others can be paired with PCs and mobile phones. In this article, we will mention the best VR headsets to be used with your PC. After doing much research, we have settled on the five best PC headsets. You can check out the at-home tech arsenal below.

    What are the best VR Headsets for PC

    1.  Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset:

    This mid-level wired headset is the most versatile when it comes to games. It is the first generation VR with insight tracking and an ultralight body. The highlights of the headset are crisp LCD screen and sensors, touch controllers, a huge library of games which also include Oculus games, a high-resolution display, a built-in room tracking with five cameras, and a big collection of apps.

    This headset is actually a powerful update over the Rift PC VR 2016. The user can visit the Oculus Store to browse for a wide array of impressive apps and games. The wide range is provided by the arrangement of cameras. On the corners, wide-angled cameras are situated, two cameras are at the front, one is at the top of the device, and two on the left and right sides.

    The self-contained setup system of the Rift is to-the-point. As for the sound system, directional speakers are offered, which makes the sound go into your ears. The refresh rate of the screen is 80 Hz, and it is overall very adjustable.

    2. Valve Index:

    This is a high powered, user-friendly VR with an intelligent tracking system. It is both expensive and highly functional. For the people who spend much of their time in VR, it is a good choice for them as it delivers an attractive hardware design, high-tech VR controllers, and clear visuals. The construction of the product is fine. The headband is super padded with a helmet shape that can be tightened on the back.

    The field of view and resolution is crystal clear. It comes with the "Lighthouse" tracking system and two laser-emitting, second-generation base stations which have to be placed in the opposite corners of the user's play space. The diagonal range is ten by 10 meters, which is big enough. The design of the base station is finely tuned, which gives convenience.

    There are some features which are made by keeping the developers in mind. For example, the two cameras at the front which can make the outside world visible and space in the front compartment having a USB-A port for connecting to other devices. The distance between lenses can be adjusted, and there is even a dial which can change the distance between eyes and lenses.

    3.  HTC Vive Cosmos Virtual Reality System for Compatible Windows PCs:

    This headset is the gold standard for VR, and it is technically very impressive. The headset is connected to the PC with a Link Box having the size of a mobile. This box has a USB, power supply, and mini DisplayPort connections. A 15 feet cable is given. There is no need for external sensors. On-ear headphones are located at the arms of the headband.

    Qualities of the headset include a big software library with an included SteamVR and Viveport, fast redesigned motion controls, and a crisp display. It is a PC-tethered headset with a vibrant, playful appearance of dark blue color. Front-facing cameras, power LED, and a pupillary distance knob are included.

    The headband is joined with a plastic arch having a clicking wheel, which is used for tightening. A big resolution of 1,700 by 1,440 pixels is given with a 90 Hz refresh rate. The control ergonomics is highly effective with round shape and a thick plastic ring. Instead of the touchpads, analog sticks are provided. The PC connection is enhanced by the SteamVR feature.

    4.  HP Reverb Virtual Reality Headset:

    This VR headset has it all. The visual clarity is outstanding, and the body is ultralight with a simple hardware set-up procedure. It offers a Windows mixed reality (MR) with an LCD screen of 2 inches, a refresh rate of 144 Hz, and inside out tracking. The design of the headset has high-end specs.

    The HP Reverb has a competitive spot and high place in the market. The screen resolution of the 2,880 x 1,600 quality. The construction is made of plastic and fabric, and the eye cover is low profile. Straps of hard plastic and Velcro arise from the device body for best positioning and holding it in place. A secure fitting is given by the padded ring at the back.

    The front cameras are responsible for motion tracking, handling controller, and a pass-through mode in order to view the outside world without removing the headset. Voice controls are enabled by the two microphones at the bottom of the headset. By using the 3.5mm headphone jack, you can share it with different headphones. It's also one of the best Bluetooth headsets in the market.

    5.  HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset:

    This headset is the final consumer edition of Vive, which delivers a room-scale immersive VR experience. The body has a smooth polish, front trigger, wireless motion controllers, side bumpers, black goggles, a smooth trackpad, and the two lighthouse towers, which are used to shoot lasers by placing them at opposite corners of the play space.

    The remotes of the headset resemble the common Steam Controller by the brand, and they are slim and split up in appearance. The towers of Vive cover an area of 15 x 15 feet. The user can navigate the physical and virtual reality easily. The color and line frequency can be adjusted. The filters of virtual reality can be changed as well.

    The camera gives a monochrome outline of the surrounding. The platform system of the headset is the SteamVR, and it appears as a user interface for virtual reality. You can buy or install games, surf the web, and even see notifications from the apps by using any one controller as a laser pointer.non-VR and VR modes.


    If you are a PC person, you will definitely love these solid VR wireless headsets attached to your computer/ laptop for a robust gaming experience or for business purposes.

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