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    4 Inspired Ways to Tie a Fashionable Owl Vintage Scarf

    An owl scarf comes in different colors, sizes, shapes, materials, and patterns. It adds an elegant flourish to any ensemble. An owl vintage scarf might be the ultimate accessory for ladies who are in the lookout of a soaring fashion statement. These scarves feature elegant and intricate owl illustrations serving as wearable art. 

    Once in these accessories, you will be all cloaked in feathers. But how do you tie them, so they look more fashionable and inspiring? Here are some unique ways of tying an owl scarf:

    4 Inspired Ways to Tie a Fashionable Owl Vintage Scarf

    1. The Tartan Poncho Style:

    This will be the perfect style to go for considering that owl scarves come in huge lengths and widths. This brilliant tying technique works great with giant owl scarf. Drape the scarf around the shoulder and tie a stylish belt around the waist. Going this way will offer extra warmth to the arms as well.

    2. The Double Bandana Style:

    Since owl scarf is enough, they can serve as the right accessories to go with the double bandana style. Get hold of the diagonal ends of the scarf and knot them together. Now put the scarf over the neck and then twist it. Next, loop the scarf again. This style suits all those ladies who like to tie their scarves around their neck but without the heaviness.

    3. The Knotted Shawl Style:

    This inspirational way of tying an owl scarf is a part knot and part bandana style. Moreover, it is one of the easiest ways of tying a scarf. The only thing you need to do is drape the scarf around the shoulders and hang down on both sides. This would be a simple shawl style. The knotted shawl style is a bit more advanced version of the knotted wrap.

    To don this style, you will have to wrap the scarf around the shoulders and then make a knot at the back or in front with its ends. Now, pull the scarf down for covering the ends.

    4. The Halter Style:

    The halter way of tying an  is pretty much safe if you are looking for stylish and attractive beachwear. This will offer owl scarf  you complete cover-up at the beach. You need to bind the scarf around your body and then twist its ends around the neck.

    Nevertheless, if you are particular with beachwear and have one already, you can use an owl scarf as a vest as well. Just bind its trimmings in a specific way and then flip this bonded part behind the neck. Tying your scarf in this way will add a hint of style to the beach outfit you are wearing.

    Summing Up:

    So, these are the 4 ways in which you can tie your owl vintage scarf. Apart from that, you can even use an owl scarf as a head wrap. These digitally printed and hand-painted scarves are intricately accentuated. Any style you choose for tying them around your neck or body will give you an appealing appearance. You need to be creative at doing this.

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