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    Top 10 Dermatological Problems in Diabetes

    Our body is the most important thing for ourselves. We don’t bear a single scratch on it and of course, we hate to get some disease. We don’t like to see our lives at stake. But still, diseases and other physical problems are a part of life and we have to accept it at all costs. Although, we CAN prevent ourselves from diseases to lower or eliminate its chances. But if it’s meant to be, it will happen and this is when we see a doctor so some medications would help us heal. Diabetes is one of those health problems that are considered major. If a person has diabetes, it actually means that the body of that person isn’t producing insulin that the body uses to convert sugar, food, and starches to energy. 

    So basically, what diabetes does is boost sugar levels of the body which results in really bad things. The most common issue that the diabetic person suffers from is related to skin. Several skin problems occur and of course, they are visible mostly. Even if they aren’t, the patient experiences lots of inflammation and irritation on their skin and it’s just not bearable. These skin problems are actually the identifiers of diabetes and some of them are even caused by it. Let me name and explain the top 10 skin problems that are caused by this disease.

    Top 10 Dermatological Problems in Diabetes

    1.  Reddish, Yellow, Or Brown Patches:

    This is seriously dangerous because if you see something like this on your skin, then you should definitely go for a check up. You’re probably suffering from diabetes and you should get it diagnosed as soon as possible. This problem starts with pimple-looking bumps on your skin. They would be very small in the beginning. As the time passes by, they turn themselves into hard and swollen skin. And of course, as I said, those parts or patches of the skin would be yellow, red or brown in color. You might start to notice blood vessels on those patches and they’ll probably feel itchy or maybe painful. Doctors call it necrobiosis lipodica. 

    2.  A Dark Area On Your Skin:

    The skin becomes dark and it’s a clear sign of diabetes. This skin feels like velvet and it is occured when the insulin in the blood is just too much. And if this condition is true in any case, then it’s prediabetes that one is suffering from. Which areas of the skin? Mostly, the dark area on skin reveals on the back of one’s neck, groin, armpit, etc. This usually shows up on areas of the skin with creases in it, actually. But of course, if you see it anywhere, then go and see the doctor.

    3. Hard Skin:

    If this condition occurs on your hands, which it usually does, you will feel that your hands are heavy and you’re carrying pebbles in your fingertips. The back of your hand becomes really hard and your fingers feel stiff. It becomes hard to move your hands. And as the diabetes goes on to the next stages, the hardness spreads along the skin and it reaches to the upper arms and shoulders. 

    4. Blisters:

    This one is really horrifying. You might be familiar with the skin condition that occurs after a skin burn. A big bubble or a group of them pop out of the skin and they are called blisters. The same thing happens to the person with diabetes but this condition is rare to be found. And as the blisters caused by skin burn are painful, the ones of diabetes do not hurt. But still, get yourself checked immediately if you notice them. 

    5. Infections:

    This condition is common. You get swelling on your skin and may find small blisters as well. And the worst of all, you get skin rashes and they are super itchy and annoying. They might even hurt. Your skin becomes dry and scaly and it becomes so worse when some weird looking liquid starts coming out of the skin. Ewww…

    6. Ulcers:

    Your skin will start to develop ulcers and the reason behind it is pretty simple. The diabetes is caused by high blood sugar and these shot levels of sugar cause poor blood circulation and there’s a lot of damage to the nerves. And if there’s a single wound that your body gets, you won’t get it healed because of the poor circulation and nerve damage. 

    7. Spots:

    As it says, the skin develops brown spots on different parts of the body like thighs, arms, trunk, etc. You can get a breath of relief because they don’t cause any such trouble like hurting you or cause you itching. And yes, they don’t always come out to be circular spots. They may rather be formed in a line of a few centimetres. Who knows. 

    8. Pimple-Like Bumps:

    Once these bumps are formed on the skin, you’ll feel like they are pimples because they look like so. But not after too long, the bumps will start to look yellowish as if some “eww” fluid is under the skin. And they can be formed anywhere on your skin, even on your buttocks and they’re itchy and painful which is extremely awful. Diabetes is really worse!

    9. Super Dry And Itchy Skin:

    Your skin can feel like hell if you’re having diabetes. If you feel that your skin is getting drier and drier, there’s something wrong and you should do something about it. You need to seek some professional medical help because you can’t live a moment with such a skin condition where you’re constantly getting irritated by your itchy skin. It’s horrible for sure. 

    10. Yellow Patches On Your Eyelids:

    These patches don’t only show up on your eyelids but around them as well. And there’s nothing related to sugar here in this case. It’s actually caused by the high level of fats in your blood and this is so not okay. And if you see something like this, then you should know that your diabetes isn't controlled. 


    Now that you know how bad this disease is and how intimidating the skin problems are that diabetes cause, you should be more attentive now if you think that you or a friend might have diabetes. It’s just educational so you could be aware of these things in your life. Go see a doctor immediately if you see such signs and you’re not already diagnosed with diabetes. 

    And make sure that the medicines you get from the pharmacy are trusted because you don’t want to get yourself involved in more trouble. And for that, you must look for the quality of the medical packaging boxes that the medicine would be enclosed in. If it’s high and the looks are good, then this means that you should trust the product because good companies buy these boxes from good packaging firms such as Dawn Printing or so. So take care of yourself as much as you can because nothing is more precious than life and health.

    Author bio: Jessica Hamler is an enthusiastic blog writer who writes mostly on packaging boxes. She has had been working for many packaging firms for years. Her bond with Dawn Printing (a printing and packaging service provider in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada) is still on the go and she doesn’t have any plans yet to end the contract.

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