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    Have to Know When Is The Best Time To Move?

    Moving date selection can sometimes fall to the bottom of your list of things to do when moving. You will be thinking about everything you have to pack and all the organizations you have to inform of your move. Of course, there are times when your moving date is firmly set before you start looking at anything else. If you are still in the process of choosing a moving date, it is essential to know when the best time to move is.

    Have to Know When Is The Best Time To Move?

    1. The Best Season:

    It is hard to determine the best season to move, as this will depend on your preferences, needs, and budget. Summer is the most popular season. The weather is ideal at this time, and you do not have to worry about disruptions to schooling for your children. The primary issue will be the cost as movers are in higher demand and can charge more at this time. 

    Spring and fall are also good options if you want better weather. During these seasons, there is less demand for movers, which means you can get a good deal. Of course, the closer your date is to summer, the more the move will cost.

    Winter is the cheapest time of year to move, but you have to consider the weather. Moving companies will have more flexible schedules at this time, and there is a lower demand for their services. However, this may not be the best time to move if you have children. 

    2. The Best Time of Year:

    The best time of year for long distance moving is generally agreed to be from mid-September to April. The demand for movers at this time is lower, which means the rates are lower, and you have a better chance of moving with best movers. For most movers, their peak time is from memorial day to labour day weekend. This is when approximately 70% of all moves take place. 

    This time of year also takes into account college and university students moving for the start of September. If you are moving to an area with a lot of students, you will want to avoid early September because the prices will be higher and there will be less flexibility. It is recommended that you research where you are moving to see when the most popular moving days are so you can avoid them. 

    3. The Best Time of The Month:

    The best time of the month to move long distance will be mid-month. If possible, you need to avoid the start and end of the month because this is when demand will increase. The first and last weekend of the month will be particularly busy. 

    The middle of the month is when demand is low. This is due to most leases starting on the first of the month. Moving mid-month will help you save money, and you will also have greater flexibility in your schedule moving with best movers. 

    4. The Best Day of The Week:

    If you can choose the day of the week you can move, you should choose a weekday. Monday to Thursday will be the best option because there is less demand. Weekends are busier because this is when the majority of people are available to move. Moving over the weekend will increase the costs and will limit the availability of movers. 

    When you move on a weekday, you will also leave the weekend open for unpacking. You can ensure your home is organized before you start the next week. Moving on a Friday should only be considered if you cannot move on any other weekday. 

    5. The Best Time of Day:

    Early morning is usually the best time of the day for long distance moving. When you hire a professional moving company, they will want to arrive early in the morning. This is when conditions are cooler, and they will have more time for your move. 

    Starting your move early in the morning also gives you more time to unpack. The entire afternoon can be spent tackling boxes and making your home live-able

    If you are planning a move, you need to know when the best time to move is. The best season will vary depending on what you want and your budget. Mid-month on a weekday is the best time to move, and you should plan for the movers to arrive in the morning.

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