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    Top 7 Habits That Are Destroying Our Beauty

    While some are born beautiful there are others who have to follow good habits to maintain their beauty. If you follow good habits, it’s quite possible to stay in the best shape physically and look attractive all the time, and in all the seasons. Sadly, most of us do several things that not only destroy our beauty but make us look older than our age. From using make up to relying heavily on cosmetics, from eating bad foods to taking to smoking and drinking, there’s a lot that can take years away from us and leave us looking dispirited. Here are some of habits that are destroying our beauty.

    Top 7 Habits That Are Destroying Our Beauty

    1.  Consumption of unhealthy foods:

    Not eating healthy foods is one of major causes that destroy our beauty. A lot of us are bringing on unhealthy items like fast foods which are ruining not only our health but also our beauty. Many of us eat fatty foods yet avoid physical exercises and thus end up gaining weight. And with weight comes a variety of health risks including heart diseases etc. On the other hand, those who eat balanced diet and stay away from excessive fried and sugary foods maintain the beauty. 

    2.  Doing drugs:

    Doing drugs is always bad for the body. It can sap the vitality out of the body and prevent you from staying at full throttle. Worse still, drug addicts are more likely to self destruct as they go away from healthy living and their bad habits take a heavy toll on their body and spirit. By taking drugs one can also ruin and destroy not only their beauty but also peace of mind. So, stay away from drugs and look and feel as attractive as it can humanely be.  

    3.  Alcohol addiction:

    Alcohol addiction can have serious effects on health and beauty of anyone. Drinking once in a while may not harm much but those who are addicted can easily ruin their appearance. Worse still, those who drink a lot and drink regularly can lose weight and feel weakness apart from facing problems to the liver, kidney and heart. In fact, heavy tipplers always look dispirited, dull and lacking energy for life. That’s why you should stay away from liquor is important if you want to maintain your beauty. 

    4.  Use of tobacco:

    Tobacco in any form is very bad for our health. Whether you chew it or smoke it, there will always be some harm to your health. Worse still, those who smoke are always at higher risk of cancer with the signs of premature ageing more likely to grip them than others. The chemicals present in tobacco can always damage the elasticity of the skin and makes your skin look older than it actually is. And don’t forget, smoking can also cause oral problems like stained teeth, bad breath etc.    

    5.  Bad selection of beauty care products:

    Not all beauty care products are created equal. While some are indeed helpful for the skin, there will always be some laced with heavy chemicals and cosmetics that would harm the skin more that you anticipate. In fact, the market is flooded with poor-quality products that can not only ruin your skin but also cause pimples and scars. More so, it’s always a mistake to buy and trust everything that comes with the label of natural and organic. So, always select the right products and stay on top of your physical health.    

    6.  Lack of sleep:

    Lack of sleep can make you look dull and dispirited. Those who sleep 6-7 hours a day have elastic and charming skin compared to those who don’t sleep adequately. When you lack proper sleep, it can cause dark circles and take away the glow and charm of your skin. When you take proper sleep your skin gets repaired and maintains its glow and shine in every situation. So, you should always give priority to your sleep and maintain the vibrancy of your looks and feel. 

    7.  Worries:

    Yes, your habit of fussing over things can destroy your beauty. When you worry a lot, even best anti ageing cream can’t help for sure. After all, worries can make you look older and take away years from your physical appearance. Wrinkles and fine lines appear more and earlier in those who worry and their skin too looks older than their actual age. For that reason, you should avoid fretting and fuming a lot else it can cause your skin to lose their vitality and glow. Being happy and chirpy in all situations is the best way to live life.

    Clearly, there are some habits you can control and prevent your beauty from being destroyed. In fact, it just takes slight adjustment to the routine which can make you feel better and can make you look healthy as ever.

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