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    Top 5 Way To Passive Income Opportunities in 2020

    Online has many ways to earn money. Today, I will show you Top 5 way to passive income opportunities in 2020. If you choose one way, Than you can certainly earn money. I will gives you some tips for you way. If you really want to earn from online then read me all post. I am 100% certainly earn money from online.

    Way To Passive Income Opportunities in 2020

    Top 5 Way To Passive Income Opportunities in 2020

    1. Affiliate Marketing:

    Affiliate Marketing is a popular method to gain money online. Many popular YouTubers and Bloggers make money affiliate marketing. I love this affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is about selling something to others. They will pay you some commission for par sell.

    You can use YouTube, Website, Facebook. There are many online websites that have created affiliate programs for you.

    Names of some popular affiliate programs:
    • Amazon
    • Clickbank
    • Bluehost
    • eBay
    • Themeforest

    Tips for you:

    #Create a nice profile

    #Determine a product whose price are much lower but very popular.

    #You will be marketing this affiliate link on Facebook, YouTube, etc.

    You have to be patient and work hard to do affiliate ma

    2. YouTube:

    As many of you know and many do not know, It is actually possible to earn money from YouTube. Many people are earning thousands of dollars in every day. Here you can earn money through Google Ad sense by just uploading videos. Your channel will require good quality videos to earn revenue.

    Here are some important tips for being a good YouTuber:

    #Your channel must work with a topic.

    #Upload one video per day.

    #Always use good thumbnails.

    #Use good title, Descriptions, tag.

    #Upload HD video in your channel

    3. CPA Marketing:

    CPA Marketing is a great way to make money online.CPA full meaning is Cost Per Click-CPA Marketing can make a lot of money. If you want to make more money then, you can use Facebook, google ads.

    If you do this, you can spend $5 and earn $20.That`s why you need to work on a trusted website.So that you get your payment well.

    Some trusted website:

    #Max Bounty


    #Click Dealer

    If you are brand new you will not get access to all of these websites. That`s why you have to work on this website first.



    4. Android Apps:

    We use Android Apps on our mobile phones constantly. As mobile is growing, the use of Android Apps is increasing. You can use this opportunity to make money. You can learn about Android App Development by watching YouTube videos. And you can earn a good amount of money from Google Adm ob.

    Some tips for you:

    #Must create a usable android app.

    #Apps should be well marketed.

    #If you can, Submit it to the Google Play Store.

    #You can do paid marketing if you want.

    Using these tips, I am 100% sure that you can earn money from android apps.

    5. E-Commerce Business:

    E-Commerce business is the sold product in online. It is an online shop. Here you can sell your and other product. You must have a website for this business. There are many free and paid themes online that will allow you to easily create an E-commerce website. What do you do if you don`t have a product? Don`t worry, You can sell other products as an affiliate marketer.

    Some Tips for you:

    #Create a good name for E-commerce business.

    # Your website needs to be a good quality.So that your customers can trust your website.

    #Your website needs to be good promotion.

    #You add an affiliate program to your website. Give your affiliate marketer some of the money you get. For Example: If you earn $10, you can give your affiliate marketer $3.Your profit in this is your affiliate marketer profit.

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