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    Living Roof Construction; An Innovative Idea for Greener Planet

    The year 2019 brought a lot of awareness on the environmental changes that are happening all around the world. Different organizations and associations are trying to make amends to at least reduce the increasing effects of climate changes. Educate the people so that they can think about it, use recycled materials, save as much energy as possible and finally grow trees and plants.

    Living Roof Construction; An Innovative Idea for Greener Planet

    What is understood by a Living Roof?

    As urbanizations have been on the rise in the past few years; so ahs the cutting of the trees. This has made the air polluted and dangerous for humans to breath. Several NGOs and environmental organizations have recommended growing plants and trees wherever it is viable. The best place to think of is the rooftops which are called living roof; where you can install Atlanta Sod and grow other plants as well.

    Atlanta Sod Ideal for Living Roof:

    Why sod grass is ideal for creating a Living Roof? As people can have less access to their roofs thus decreasing the period of time spent there. The maintenance can’t be done according to the requirements; so sod is the best option because it needs minimum maintenance and care. You can go weekly to the roof and water and mow the sod grass.

    Ways Living Roof can make Greener Planet:

    As discussed above that the atmosphere of the world is becoming dangerous for the health of all living things here; so there is a need for a way which can improve not only the quality of air but also drop the increase in the temperature. The idea of the living Roof is an excellent one because everyone can manage it on their roofs at home and offices.

    Cool summers and warm winters:

    The living Roof acts as an insulator which keeps the temperature of the house suitable in both summer and winter. Have you ever wondered why many creatures of the wild live in burrows? The one reason is that the condition underground is the same. When you have installed a living Roof; you get the same effect which is cooler summers days and warm winters. 

    Saves Energy:

    The consumption of energy in the form of electricity for air conditioner and gas for heating reduces. As the summers are considerably cooler; you will not feel the need for turning the A.C. on. In the winter days, the sod grass that you purchased from Atlanta Sod Farm and plants on the rooftops absorbs the sun rays less and allowing the heat of the sun to increase the temperature inside the house.

    Rainwater is curtailed:

    At many times the rainwater can gather on the roof making it difficult for the drainage system to work. But the living Roof consumes more than 80% of the rainwater and releases it gradually. This helps in maintaining a clean and clear drainage system.

    Prevents Air Pollution:

    Plants and trees are an excellent way to naturally filter the air that is full of pollution. When the area of these living Roofs will increase; the plants, trees and sod grass will absorb the carbon dioxide and release oxygen in the atmosphere. The more plants and trees are installed; there will be an increase in oxygen which will purify the air.

    Reducing the Noise:

    As mentioned above that the green Roofs act as an insulator not only from the extreme weather but also the noise from outside. The sod grass, trees and plants take in the noise which can damage the ears.

    Keep Roof from leaking:

    When the rainwater gathers on the roofs; one main problem develops and that is the roof begins to leak. But this can be solved by establishing living Roofs. The greenery will absorb most of the water and prevent the leakage of the roof.

    Helps Birds to Survive:

    You very well know that birds are dwellers of the trees and shrubs. But the development of different housing schemes, theme parks and using trees for fuel has destroyed most of the forests and green lands. There is no place for the birds to make their homes. You can install small trees and birdhouses to help them survive.

    How to construct a Living Roof?

    It is not a lengthy process of constructing a living Roof as you may think. But you have to be careful when choosing the right type of green roof; which includes the intensive, semi-intensive and extensive roof. 

    Factors to consider:

    Before you rush into creating the roof; you have to consider some factors which will determine the quantity and type of plants you will have.

    1. How much weight the roof can bear?
    2. What are the degree and angle of the slopes?
    3. Which type of quality material is going to be used?

    Steps to take for construction:

    The following step must be taken to construct the living Roof.
    1. A waterproof sheet is used to save the roof from the water gathered on the grass.
    2. Put the topsoil and make it ready to install the Atlanta Sod.
    3. Next, carefully lay the sod grass as instructed or hire professionals for this process.
    4. After the time period of the establishment; you can now add different plats to increase the beauty of the roof.

    Author’s bio: Frederick Jones is an avid writer and reader. He has profound understanding of culture, lifestyle, history, art and politics. Recently, he has started writing about environmental issues and how to prevent them. These are some of the topics, he loves expressing his opinions about. Sod is one of the ways to help promote environmental friendly practices. AtlantaSodFarms is where Frederick purchases his sod.

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