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    Top 5 Security Cameras for Outdoors in 2019

    In the era of modern information technology, it would not be hard to find the latest technology security cameras for outdoors. As we are in an era where human work is getting less, and machine work is increasing, everyone wants to get the new and latest product. While security is the most important priority and the security cameras are the best choice for your house and office, it’s one of the safest and reliable sources of security that is in your hand in one go. A security camera is an investment that is made for your security in today’s world when the thief is active all the time this investment must be made to secure yourself as it would be for the safety in your office or your house.

    In such fierce competition in technology, five most top security cameras for outdoor given below:

    1. Lorex Security Camera:

    Lorex Security Camera
    This security camera comes with a feature of showing a crystal clear image at 200 ft. At night. Lorex is a metaled security camera designed with an image sensor and video recorder of 4K that is much better than a 1080p video. If you require the crystal clear and crisp image, this camera is perfect.

    Main Features:
    • Range of night vision is best.
    • Adjustable motion up to four zones.
    • Waterproof security camera for outdoors.

    2. Swann Bullet Camera:

    Swann Bullet Camera

    Thermal sensor dome-shaped the Swann bullet camera can detect with the PIR motion sensor, which automatically sends the mobile alerts and record the suspicious activities. This camera can rotate 102-degree angle viewing with 1080p HD quality of recording the activity outside the door.

    Main Features:
    • Night vision footage in dark 
    • Thermal sensor and accurate detect sensor 
    • Weatherproof security camera 
    • Coax cable 60 inches wired 

    3. Arlo Pro 2:

    Arlo Pro 2

    Arlo Pro 2 is a weatherproof IP65-certified camera with the HD video quality of 1080p. Arlo Pro has a mobile app in which you can use your smartphones to detect suspicious activity by triggering the camera siren. It has the option of either a rechargeable battery or plugged in a wall outlet.

    Main Features:
    • Hands-free control with Google assistance 
    • Two way audio for speaking to guests
    • Night vision range in the dark 

    4. Blink XT2 Camera:

    Blink XT2 Camera

    Blink XT2 comes with bundles of features, which include monitoring temperatures, detection of motion, two-way audio, and night vision. It has the option of free cloud storage in which you can watch the recorded activity later; this camera sends the push notification, which instantly records an activity. It's easy to monitor this camera through the home monitor app of the blink.

    Main Features:
    • Hands-free camera control by pairing with Amazon Alexa
    • Clear two-way audio 
    • Crystal clear night vision
    • Weatherproof 
    • IP65-Certified 

    5. ADT Outdoor Camera:

    ADT Outdoor Camera
    ADT outdoor camera is a sharp camera of 720p HD videos and images; it works in limited lighting and gives the best view of your house on your mobile devices. It also has phone controls over the security camera for watching the real-time activity through different angles of your loved one’s safety and your house.

    Main Features:
    • Voice commands paired with Amazon Alexa 
    • Automatically alerts when anything suspicious 
    • Detailed log of past events regarding your house 
    As we are near in Halloween 2019, these top five most technologically sound cameras would be great for the security of your houses, your gatherings, and the offices. Above mentioned outdoor security camera are the topmost CCTV recorders that are best for your office and house safety.

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