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    5 Best Online Exam Software and Assesment Platform 2019

    We are living in an era where spending a day without the internet seems complicated. With the overgrowing globalization, the internet has taken over the world, and everything traditional has been replaced with the online format. So in the exams as well, we have moved ahead of pen and paper and started using the keyboard. There are so many online exam software available on the internet that are fully secure and effortless. The growing demand for digital learning platforms makes it a necessity.

    Online exam software makes the job of an examinee as well as an examiner easy. The evaluation of the paper is automated. The examinee's do not need to travel a long distance; they can sit at home comfortably and appear for the exam. There is contemporaneous conduction of exam all over the world. Here's a list of best five online exam software that the examiners can go for the best experience.

    5 Best Online Exam Software and Assesment Platform 2019

    1. TCExam:

    TCExam is online software that doesn't require any additional hardware for proper working. The software consists of a large number of modules with a variety of topics, and each topic contains a huge number of questions available on them. In every module, the software extracts some questions and divide them as per the level of difficulty.  

    The software is known as e- exam, CBA (Computer Based Assessment) or CBT (Computer Based Training). The software is ideal for educators, trainers, authors. It is often suitable for people with disabilities. After the examination, the software will generate an OMR sheet, that you can print for personal assessment. The software has the following features:

    Independent platform
    Expensive hardware not required
    Available in many Indian as well as foreign languages.
    Highly accessible
    Import and export facility 

     2.  Virtualx:

    Virtualx is completely automatic, free open source exam software. It offers complete test and examination solutions to educational institutions, several e-learning and other organizations. There are various subjects and modules available in different languages. The questions extracted from different chapters are presented in multiple user-friendly formats such as multiple-choice, true or false, yes or no, drag or drop, descriptive, hierarchical and matching. The software aims to provide a comfortable and satisfactory service to the users.

    The software is available in three distinct versions in order to fulfil the diversified needs of the user. 

    Hosted Virtualx- This version of the software can run without stressing about hosting related issues.
    Integrated school management software- Any software connected with educational institutions can be integrated with the software.
    Customizing VirtualX- The software can be customized depending on the needs of the organization. 

      The software has the following features:
    Compatible access
    User security
    Supports equations and formulae
    Helps in negative marking

    3.  TAO:

    This software provides freedom to control, support and evolve with the learning of modern times. TAO is an open-source exam software that provides a modular framework for the computer-based test. It offers group management, subject management and result management. One of the best service offered by the software is that one can grasp the assessment platform out of the box and customize it as per your requirement. The software supports multiple languages. Test of different subject modules can be assigned to different examinees, and the result can be exported in MS Excel formats. 

    TAO is available in three formats Premium, Community and Enterprise. The community edition is free of cost, and the other two have premium features for which the user need to bear a certain amount.

    The software has the following features:

    Compatible for all the operating systems
    Online and offline tests
    Integrated with several multimedia resources.

    4.  Kaldin:

    Kaldin is another open-source software that provides services to educational institutions like school or colleges and corporate communities. The software generates instant test results and backs up data every 30 minutes. It uses real questions and segregates them in various categories like Analytical Skills, English Language, Technology General Aptitude and continuously growing set of questions. It is very user-friendly software. It has two kinds of user: admin and general users. The teachers can log in as an admin and allot question papers to students who will be the general users. 

    The software offers new features on every monthly update. It consists of the following features:

    Offers readymade questions
    Data backed up every 30 minutes
    Easy navigation
    Provides high-level data protection
    Provides scalable platform

    5.  Papershala:

    Papershala is an online platform which offers a completely online environment. The students can appear for the exam and check and correct their answers. It enables the students to do self-registration without the need of an admin. It offers all the users an unlimited experience. There is no limited access for students, no subject-wise limitation or no limitation of subjects. The software is ideal for all the operating systems. It saves the examiner from the extra burden and any risk of hazard.

    The features of Papershala are mentioned below:

    Simple user interface
    Pause and resume facility
    Question bank available
    Single-click activation and deactivation
    Instant result

    There is no question in the fact that technology has made our work easier. The software will help all users save time and work efficiently. It is leading us towards a smarter future.

    Author bio: Ritu Kasana, currently working as a Media Coordinator with Techjockey.com.

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