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    Microkinis: Learn More About This Ultra Sexy Beachwear

    Microkinis or micro bikinis are a quite specific product. Some women love them while others hate them. Regardless of your opinion, you have to admit there is a wide variety of products on the market some of which would be great for your style.

    But not everyone can pull off a microkini; they are only for the bold. Women who have lots of confidence are prepared to wear one of these items and flash their skin in the public. 

    As the founder of Micro Bikini Store says: “Micro bikinis are quite revealing and are a great fit for daring women who wish to feel REALLY free.”

    Now, let’s learn more about these skimpy bathing suits.

    Microkinis: Learn More About This Ultra Sexy Beachwear


    Basically, microkini is a beachwear that is meant to cover as least as possible. In fact, they can be called borderline nudism items. This is one of the reasons why they are prohibited on certain beaches.
    They are very similar to triangle string bikinis but without any material on the backside. They are also much thinner upfront. Micro bikini uses as the least material as possible. It doesn’t have any padding, wiring, cups or other things that are common for your classic bikinis.

    Although these products have existed for a while, they are still pretty obscure. They first gained popularity during the 1990s but even then, they were worn by a limited number of women. In 1995, term microkini was first introduced as a way of differentiating this item from the standard models. But don’t think they are hard to come by; even big fashion brands are producing them. However, due to their extreme nature, they are rarely placed in the shopping windows of large department stores.

    What is the difference between a string and a micro bikini?

    Due to their relative obscurity, there are numerous misconceptions regarding microkinis. In fact, there are lots of women who can’t tell a difference between this item and some other types of bikinis. Commonly, they are mixed with strings.

    Keep in mind that microkinis are almost always string bikinis but this doesn’t go the other way around. Thin strings are used for this sexy swimwear in an attempt to use as least as possible. On the other hand, regular string bikinis rarely reveal as much as micro bikinis do.

    The term strings is used for bikinis that have two pieces connected by a string. They are often tied on the side or in the back. When it comes to string bikinis, they provide different types of coverage depending on the model that you’re wearing. Still, they are very rarely as extreme as microkinis. Some of them will have bigger while some of them will have smaller cups. They usually have a thong. But still, it is really hard to compare the popularity of these products. According to public perception, string bikinis are acceptable while microkinis are not.

    This distinction is very important during shopping. If you’re determined to buy a micro bikini, you should at least know how it looks like. But, most people can easily tell once they put it on. These products are really light, with minimal fabric so you can tell a difference even if you’re new to them.

    When should you wear microkinis?

    Even though these bikinis are meant to provide a certain amount of freedom, they shouldn’t be used in every situation. They are not meant for public beaches or public pool and especially places where there is a lot of children and teens. You should especially pay attention to the rules of a beach or a pool as this may be a good indication whether or not you can wear such a swimwear.

    Of course, you can always wear it in your backyard, wild beaches and other places that are freer when it comes to partial or full nudity. Still, make sure to check in advance as you wouldn’t want to pay a fine because of extreme behavior.

    Still, wearing a microkini is worth it as you will feel free and sexy!

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