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    Top 5 Easy To Do Trampoline Exercises

    When it comes to working on your fitness, the first option for many might include going for a jog or run or perhaps bicycling. Others may prefer getting a gym membership and making use of advanced equipment to get a toned body. What a lot of people don’t consider is making use of the good-old-fashioned trampoline to get into shape. 

    For many of us, the trampoline used to be a fun activity when we were younger. As we got older, it probably moved to a corner in the backyard, and no longer used. But if you are looking to incorporate some exercise into your routine, we highly recommend you to make use of the trampoline. Not only is the trampoline a lot more fun than traditional activities, but it is also known to improve cardiovascular health and endurance, reduce stress, and facilitate in developing better balance and coordination. Trampoline exercises engage the whole body and help you work on your back, arms, legs, and neck muscles at the same time.

    According to research, a trampoline workout can burn as many calories and provide the same level of a cardio boost as traditional exercises such as a run or a jog. People using the trampoline have a much lower level of exertion than other forms of the workout due to the enjoyment factor. While enjoyment may not be your ultimate goal if you wish to become more fit, it certainly has a significant impact on determining how long you are likely to stick to your exercise regime.

    Top 5 Easy To Do Trampoline Exercises

    If you are a beginner looking for some easy trampoline exercises, here is a list of our top five:

    1) The Basic Jump:

    Just like with any new workout, we recommend you start slow, with an activity you find the easiest. You can try it once a day for ten minutes. Once you are comfortable, you can gradually increase the duration and also start experimenting with new workouts. It is also important to note that mini trampolines are the best for an exercise – they are more secure and stable, and easy to store.

    For the basic jump, stand on your trampoline with your feet a few inches apart. With your arms bent and elbows placed near your sides, you can start to jump gently and continue to do so for a few minutes.It can also be a great warm-up once you move on to advanced workouts.

    2) Twists:

    One of the most comfortable trampolining workouts, twists are a great way to work your upper body, back, shoulders, and arms. Start by placing your feet together and arms on the side and jump up. As you go up in the air, turn your legs to your left hand and your upper body to the right and then land back onto the ground. Then jump again but set in the opposite direction – legs to the right, upper body to the left. 

    If you are new to trampolining, go at a slower pace and increase it gradually. Repeat 3-5 times, take a break, and then start again. 

    3) Squats:

    For trampoline squats, stand straight on the trampoline and keep your arms straight by your sides. Next, jump up a little high and spread your legs wider than your shoulders while in the air. Land in a relaxed squatting position with bent knees, thighs parallel to the ground and arms placedin front of your body. However, do ensure that you don’t land on locked knees as you can severely get hurt if you do. 

    4) Jumping jacks:

    Jumping jacks are a great exercise to work your whole body. They burn calories and increase your heart rate, which helps in shedding those extra pounds and keeping your tummy in shape. Start by bending your upper body forward a little to really put pressure on the belly and jump up. Once again, spread out your legs wider than your shoulders while in the air and lift your arms till your head or your shoulders – whichever is more comfortable. Land on the trampoline while bringing the hands back down to the side. Repeat 10-20 times, rest, and repeat. 

    5) One-leg jumps:

    For those wishing to strengthen their leg muscles and ankles and develop an athletic balance, one-leg hikes are both simple and effective. Stand straight with your legs a few inches apart and start jumping on one leg. Jump for a few minutes then switch to the other leg. Make sure to start slow and work on stabilizing your balance first. If you do land unexpectedly, make sure you do not lend on a locked knee. It is an excellent exercise for those who engage in athletics and sports as strong legs are vital for such activities. 

    To sum up, working out on a trampoline is a great way to keep your fitness on track if you are finding any other form of exercise too monotonous. These five easy exercises will get you started on the right path. Good luck! 

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