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    Violating the United States Exchange Visa

    Are you planning a trip to the United States? Are you planning to immigrate to the land of opportunity? If your answer to the questions is yes, then you have made a good decision because America is a good country to be. To travel or immigrate to the United States, one would need a valid visa that will last for a specific period. There are different types of visa, and each has rules guiding it. Therefore, it is always advisable that one check and as well understands the rules guiding one's visa. In general, the different types of visa are broadly grouped into the non-immigrant and the immigrant visa. One needs to understand the type of visa that one needs before applying for a US visa.

    Violating the United States Exchange Visa

    Non-immigrant visa - any visa that does not allow applicants to stay in the US permanently falls under this category. There are numerous types of visa under this category that always have unique rules guiding them. Examples of visa under this category are the student visa, tourist visa, exchange visa amongst others. These types of visa are the most common among immigrants due to a few reasons that include:

    Easy to secure - these types of visa are very easy to secure, unlike the immigrant visa category that cannot be easily secured. The reason why this type of visa can be easily secured is that it only permits for immigrants to stay in the country for a limited time.

    Not multipurpose - visas under this category are mostly used for specified purposes, unlike visas under the immigrant visa category. Due to the single purposes they have, it is easy for immigrants to settle down in the country because they will not have to stress themselves about what to do when they get to the country as they already have what they must do according to the type of non-immigrant visa they have.

    Love for one's homeland - a lot of immigrants who travel to the United States do travel with the motive of living in the country for a while, maybe in search of greener pastures before returning to their homelands. The non-immigrant visa is the best category for immigrants who like to return to their fatherland after their time in the United States.

    Immigrant visa - immigrant visas are the type of visa that allows immigrants to stay permanently in the United States. Visas that fall under this category are the most difficult to secure. The visas under this category are not common among immigrants because a lot of people cannot afford to go through the stress of securing it, they rather prefer to apply for non-immigrant visas which will require them to renew it whenever it expires. The types of visa that fall under this category include the employment visa, the waiver programs, and so on. These types of visa are very similar to the green card as they give immigrants right to work and live in the country till an unstated time without need for visa renewal like the non-immigrant's category of visas.

    If you are from one of the visa waiver program countries and you are planning a trip to the United States, then you will need an ESTA. Also, you should give a detailed answer to the question, HOW LONG IS MY ESTA VALID?

    The United States exchange visa is a type of visa that falls under the non-immigrant visa category; it is a type of visa that international students, professors, researchers and so on do apply for to move to the United States. The exchange visa is not a permanent stay visa. It does not have a specific duration of stay either. The visa gives duration to immigrants based on what they are going to the country to do. An example is the student category of the exchange visa. The visa gives students the exact time they are going to need to study in the country as their duration. The exchange visa is one of the most violated visas in the United States; a lot of international students and researchers have been guilty of violating the visa through a few ways. A lot of them do violate the visa because they are unaware of the rules guiding their visa and the things they can do without violating it. Immigrants do violate the visa through a lot of ways which include:

    Illegal change of purpose - a lot of immigrants does change the purpose of their immigration illegally when they get to the United States. An example is international students who opt for job-seeking instead of studying as they have stated in their visa interview.

    Staying in the country illegally for more than the duration of the visa- immigrants do violate this visa by overstaying in the country without visa renewal.

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