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    Maternity At Its Best With Feeding Bras

    After giving birth to the child, a mother undergoes many physical developments and psychological changes. To cope with these,mothers require additional care and support during the postpartum period. And,nursing bras are one of the many things that can make a mother’s journey comparatively easier and comfortable. Read on to know more…

    Be it feeding bras or maternity bras, both are designed to promise a comfortable, convenient and healthy experience to new mothers. In comparison to regular bras, these provide unconditional support and comfort during the lactation period. This is why nursing bras are one amongst the most important items to be included in your post-pregnancy wardrobe. These bras not only promises to offer ease while breastfeeding, but also accommodate physical changes a woman goes through after childbirth. As these bras come in all shapes and sizes, every woman has the choice of feeling better, comfortable and happy while breastfeeding. 

    Maternity At Its Best With Feeding Bras

    Source: Clovia.com

    Here’s a list of benefits of wearing a feeding bra:

    Provides Comfort:

    Though nursing bras do not have an underwire, they are still capable of supporting the breasts. These are quite different from regular bras that come with underwire support and lead to swells and aches. Also, nursing bras cover a larger surface area when compared to ordinary bras. Moreover, these bras come with comfortable cotton underlining that further reduces chafing. 

    Ensures good health:

    It has been suggested by experts that the presence of underwire support in everyday bras may apply excessive pressure on the milk ducts and can block them. Also, such a situation may result in an extremely uncomfortable medical condition called mastitis. Breast infections like mastitis further have the likelihood of posing a threat to the health of the baby. When it comes to nursing bras, these come with the dual benefit of being supportive and comfortable. Additionally, these bras not only ensure free blood flow within the soft breast tissue but also make sure that you nurse your baby in a healthy way. 

    Promotes uninterrupted nursing:

    As blocked milk ducts may reduce the capacity of the breast to produce sufficient milk for the baby, it is important to wear a bra that does not exert immense pressure on them. With nursing bras, one can have an uninterrupted breastfeeding experience as these are exclusively designed keeping the needs and demands of nursing mothers. 

    Promises convenience:

    Promises Convenience Nursing Bra

    Source: Clovia.com

    Taking off the bra every time when one has to feed the little one is way more inconvenient than it sounds. This is something that makes nursing bras different from their regular counterparts. Unlike ordinary bras, nursing bras come with conveniently placed and easy to hook and unhook clips that provide unhindered and quick access to the breasts. 

    Flexible in nature:

    An increase in the size of breasts is one amongst the most common and noticeable changes in women after childbirth. Therefore, nursing bras are designed in a way that such changes can be accommodated in a comfortable fashion. Also, there are nursing bras that are crafted with spandex fabric to further extend the comfort quotient. Moreover, these bras have hook-and-eye closures at the back that make them easily adjustable.


    It is not only the increase in breasts’ size that bothers nursing mothers but also an increase in the weight of the breasts. In such a case, it becomes quite difficult to rely on the thin and rough straps of an ordinary bra that fail to support increased breast weight. It is here that nursing bras can prove helpful as these have strong, wide and comfortable straps covering a larger surface area, spreading out the pressure and ensuring an experience of utter relaxation. 

    Maintains shape:

    It is normal to be worried about the lack of a supportive underwire as it will make the breasts sag. However, it is due to using a restrictive wire that breasts lose shape. When it comes to nursing bras, these hold the breasts in proper shape. 

    A stylish choice:

    Well, it is an assumption that nursing bras cannot offer an attractive look. Especially, seamless nursing bras ensure a perfect fit without even revealing that you are wearing one of a different kind. There are several designs and color options available in nursing bras too that can make you feel good. So, do not restrict yourself to the four walls of the rooms and step out with confidence when wearing a nursing bra. Pick the ones that complement your outfits and flaunt a look of your choice. 

    Let not breastfeeding stop you from feeling good!

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